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Hey guys quick question: I'm getting ready to get my mohawk and I'm psyched, but I wanna know if super skinny girls are the only ones who can pull them off? I'm a small girl but I have curves for sure, figured I oughtta figure this out before taking the plunge!


Just wanna clarify: I'm not asking out of concern about what others will think, I'm asking people shaped like me if they think it fits them well because I wanna be satisfied with my decision; I have more than enough attitude/confidence to pull it off. And I'm not fat, I'm just not a stick either, that's what I meant by curvy. That being said, thanks for the answers so far guys!

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Well what can i say but WOW x

i got curves but im not fat either and everyone seems to love me with my hawk...

i think youll be sexy with it do it!

This is one of the first albums I made on the site just with a bunch of girls with mohawks.  Not necessarily having anything to do with skinny or curvy, but maybe someone will make a curvy women with mohawks album sometime too.


well if they do, I will definitely either be the one starting it or at least contributing to it!!!
pick me pick me! lol Lorissa is pretty much my god daughter so I would be flattered if my fluffy butt was in a collection like this one, lol
WTF IS WRONG WITH A THICK CHICK,,,absolutely nothing,,I prefer thick chicks and with a mowhawk ,,,thats like a dream come true,,SO FUCK YEAH GET ONE,,,and if somebody don't like it tell them to go FUCK their mother,sorry for all the profanity 8-)  oh and I would buy that photo album magazine in a heartbeat

Yeah I'm not seeing any curvy girl albums but you can certainly make one.  I don't think we've got it obvious enough out there that you can create custom albums on the site with other people's pictures.  Kobalos has created some cool ones based upon color.


Blue Mohawks

Green Mohawks

Red Mohawks

Yellow / Blonde Mohawks


I mean, I'm more on the skinny side myself, but I think it would look awesome on you. :)

i say go for it, i am a curvy girl, 5'8" with 46-36-46 so hourglass figure, and i think i look great with my mohawk. i would post a pic but all my full body pics i am in lingerie so they are not really appropriate.
Hell yeah!
Curvy ladies rock it so much better


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