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I ordered a denim jacket a couple days ago with the intent of turning it into a denim vest. What are some things to look out for when you cut the sleeves off?

I really don't want to fuck up the entire jacket and have to buy a new one.

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How to cut sleeves off of a jacket:


1. grab a pair of trusty scissors

2. cut the sleeves off


tip: cut only the sleeves off, not the rest of the jacket. if you notice youre not cutting the sleeves off youre doing it wrong. if youre cutting the sleeves off you probably did it correctly.


good luck and remember, youre cutting the sleeves off. dont try to cut off the pockets or collar or anything like that, dont be a hero


I cut the seams for a nice clean cut c:


Cutting the stitches with an exacto knife that hold the sleeves on gives it a much cleaner cut with no fray.

Takes longer than just cuttin em off, but you never regret doing a good job!

 From my observation, nobody really had a proper way of de-sleeveing a denim jacket. Some methods were hideous than others.

 If it were me, I would use a red devil blade to run under the seams where the sleeve meets the rest of the jacket. When you're done, run it through the wash and razor off the leftover denim strands.

 I think if you go as far to undo the stitching, you might risk screwing up the jacket by unwraveling parts you don't want to.




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