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I'm so sick of them, all I find are douche bags. and I'm in shitty Amarillo Texas, and I can't find a decent punk/metal head to date.. Any one have stories?

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kinda goes with the whole fuck everyone attitude, most of us are dicks. sorry.
yeah... I got that

Makes sense.  Of course, usually someone puts on a show at first, then their true nature shows through.  Still, you can usually rely on the attitude they have to others to tell how they'll be with you in the long run.  The ones out to not care about strangers aren't a good starting point.


Afraid it seems most folk are pretty much unreliable and not worth a lot.  Still, can't be everyone. :)  Gotta keep trying really, even if you do need to take a break at times to recover.

"can't find a decent punk/metal head to date"

then... try not dating people based on what they look like

yea, broaden your search, unless those are the only people you know

Well thats the point. i havent't dated any punks/ metal heads, all i've dated are like... idk.. jocks?

i dont know what to call them

I dont go based on  looks either.

i was about to say that same shit.

awesome dude :)

you could try dating girls instead
now there's an idea XD
I've dated girls.. never lasts.


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