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I'm so sick of them, all I find are douche bags. and I'm in shitty Amarillo Texas, and I can't find a decent punk/metal head to date.. Any one have stories?

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just let the guys come to you.
ive gone through similar shit and ive only just come out of it again, its tough but whats its taught me is, dont waste your time chasing someone who dosent chase you back, its a waste of effort and your always worth more than that. let the guys come to you, if their genuine they will let u know, even if it does take time. I thought id found the right one for me but apparently he was only intrested in sex after making me wait 3 months for him. guess that just makes me stupid for waiting.

ok, so ive waited and this guy i met was like oh wanna date?

and i was like... uhh no..

then he was like but i dont love you..

how does that work?

if you date someone shouldn't you love them?

not necisarily, love is something that comes over time not instant, dating is more about being physically attracted to someone and wanting to find out more about them. Sometimes it works sometimes it dosent.

but thats just my oppinion
and i agree.. but this guy was like.. ugh. idk. he was just an ass hole that wanted in mah pants

I know it sounds funny but go for the one you dont usually date. I met a guy when i went to see some awful band in brighton, i was drunk as fuck and decided why not eh? Weve been togther for 3 years, have our own place, a dog n two cats and thinking of having a child.

If i hadnt've been drunk i dont tihnk i would've done it coz id just gotten out of a relationship with an alcoholic 2 months back and he was such a prick (he used to think trying to smash an empty whisky bottle on my head was funny and entertaining ¬_¬).

my partner is very 'normal' though he does have really long hair, but he loves the whole 'punk' scene and he adores my maybe there are more out there that enjoy it but take a step back from it?

THANKS!! you really helped.. and even though everyone is sayiy to broaden.. I'm just going to float around for a bit.. wait for them to find me.. right now im tryin to grad. early... and find a job.. so.. lets hope i can just handle that stuff! lol

stories eh? well last year, the first guy i dated that i actually gave a shit about, zach. clingy, violent, volatile, possessive, jealous, manipulative, emotionally abusive and bordering on physically. we were on and off 11 times in three months. it ended with my taking up smokin ciggs again and a couple violent outbursts. but really, the pain was cleansing and i learnt a lot. the next dude had been my best friend for two years, and well. two words i should have taken into account beforehand. Narcissistic Sociopath. didnt date for a few months, i had a crush on a girl but like always she was straight and taken. and then i me this real quiet, (really tall) scottish guy,listens to irish punk and celtic metal, plays the fucking bagpipes. sweetest calmest dude ever tho. you have to go through some dickwads before your even ready for the good ones, you dont have to be dating someone. most of the time the best idea is to stay single for awhile. our culture puts way to much emphasis on relationships. maybe the reason you can't fidn the right person is cuz your not ready. whatever the need is that makes you want to have someone. you cant be happy with someone else, if your not happy with yourself all alone. 

yes so true 

At least you'r able to date someone. I have yet to date ANY punk. :'c or someone that even likes the music. 

ive been single for going on 3 years. its just boring to date girls in my area. i find them all so boring. i mean i try to get to know a girl but they end up all being the same then i lose my interest. or they just find out im to "real" for them. or they are just stupid and all they care about is drinking or doing drugs. cant find one that is actually fun to hang out with and not just want to sit around and do the same thing all the time (ex. go to bar every night, go to a rave every night) ya know that boring shit. 


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