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I'm so sick of them, all I find are douche bags. and I'm in shitty Amarillo Texas, and I can't find a decent punk/metal head to date.. Any one have stories?

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dude +1000000000000000 on this!!

"go to a rave every night" lol
you should tell them that kryptonite isn't a rave.

wow dude sorry to hear that, must be very tiring and aggravating  not to mention  lonely .

i feel real bad. cause i know how much that suck's, but i don't know what to tell ya.

just stay strong dude some one will come up. ?ever tried dating some one thats not your usual type maybe that might work? and then if u really like him maybe u can try to get him to convert. :) idk just an idea , but try to be happy any ways,  cause if u can't keep your self happy no one ever will get me babe.just take it easy your a beautiful young lady you'll find what your looking for just don't settle for anyone tough thats how you get the ass holes. keep your eyes open and pay close attention to demeanor thats the only way you'll find somebody really worth being with. take care and i wish you luck.

weasel ;)

hmm you see i like dating ass holes...i'm much like them....i never really "think like a girl" i think like a guy, yea it's odd but, i get why guys are fucking ass holes :P it's just what there ment to do

ive been single for like a year now, but i like it.....theres WAY to many creeps where i live. Theres creepy guys that have nasty fetishes about "emo/punk/goth" girls. ewwwwwwwwwwwww. OR  theres the  guys that are SUPER shallow. you know, the ones that want their gfs to look like victoria secert models.  

I like being single :) 

Thats Texas for ya

nah, texas is okay. you just gotta be in a big city like houston/austin/dallas. El paso might be okay... although ive heard that you just want to "El Paso the fuck outta there". 

I've never been to Amarillo, don't really have much of a desire to really. 

HEY you're from san antonio. 

totally forgot about san antonio 0.o

HEYYYYYYY  *waves really excitedly from houston tx*  

I'm in the same boat as you. 

Actually i think i have this curse... i must look really trusting or something because people tell me their secrets within like 5 minutes of me meeting them.  
a guy approaches me at a show and is like "man ive totaled 3 cars in the past month due to my drunk driving" oh fuck dude, thats so punk rock. I totally want to get into a car that you are driving. 
I go on a date with a guy and like the first 5-10 minutes in he's like "I have 3 warrants out for my arrest and 4 unpaid traffic tickets" WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT? seriously why the hell are you buying me dinner? you should be getting your shit taken care of. I don't want a guy who i have to visit in prison or bail out of jail. maybe he just wanted to make himself look like a badass but there's a difference between being a badass and just being a fucking idiot. 

other things too. like "I used to smoke a shit load of meth" "I have HIV".... awesome, i appreciate your honesty but holy fuck we just met.

then i like try to do that whole broadening my horizons bullshit. and i meet guys who are pretty average or preppy looking and they pull the whole "you'd be so pretty if you grew out your hair" or "you'd look so hot if you dressed more feminine" and im like "I'd so ride your dick all night long if you weren't a shallow prick".
Then i pour hot coffee in their lap... not really, I've actually never had a cup of searing hot coffee when that happens. which is a shame... i should start hanging out at coffee shops solely for that reason.  

Man, shit happens...sometimes you just dont find the right dude, maybe just wait a tiny bit before looking, chill with friends, and like most of these people said broaden your searching...or horizen, or get the point. hahaha

can't live with em can't live without em.

hey im in texas try a girl lol   all guys are assholes...well most of them and punks more than most because they don't care what people think so....are a little more mouthy haha you just got to find that asshole you can deal with. my mans a major ass punk and does tattoos for a living so he dosnt think b4 he says things and evreything is always a joke a lot of them about me, but its who he is i let it go in one ear and out the other, he's just trying to be funny and hold his image ya know 


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