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i was hanging out downtown and i walk buy 2 some what young bums. they had a spare change sign and everything. when i walked by them they asked me to help a punk get drunk. i politely said sorry man im flat broke. he replied yeah you probably spent it all on your hair in a smart ass you wanna kick his face in kind of way. im not the best with comebacks and shit. so i was speechless. got any good things you would of said or ever had an experience like this?

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try them that you got no time and you should get going to your house and relax by the nice warm fire :P the funnny thing is they can't do that xD

Sometimes there is no need to respond, at the end of the day they are lazy homeless fucks because of their own problems, and you are not. Sometimes that's all you have to keep in mind.

True story

thats true. i was really thinking about using the i have to go home one afterwords hahaha


In the situation you specified: "the money leftover from my hair is getting spent on my beer and renting out your sister." 

Most common situation is overweight men in their mid 30's who say something to the effect of "DAYUM MAAAAN, y u spend soooo much tiem on yer haiur?" to which I reply "I work under the hot sun all day, what exactly do you think qualifies as 'work'?"

Once in a while in stores old ladies will say something like "you better not be stealin anything you whipper-snapper!" best response is to blurt out "YOU STOLE A WHAT!?!?" And yes, I've seen rude old biddies "escorted" out of stores by doing this! Another response is "so this is what K-Mart security has degraded to?"

Rednecks are also fun to fuck with in stores, if they say anything negative I like to look in their shopping cart and say something like "I don't think food stamps are gonna cover your Xbox controller."

In the end insulting someone is usually childish and stupid, even in retaliation, its just a couple of children yelling naughty things at each other. Unless its funny. Everything funny is always an exception. 

i woud have told him "i'm broke just like you man,i'm just better at it.

Haha that would of been good. Nice one weasel.

fuck yeah thats the way to do it. me and my boyfriend plan on traveling just like that.



 'you probably spent it all on your hair'



 I woulda probably kept a 'whatever' stance and kept walking. As if I were inclined to give my time to a piece of shit like that in the first place.


 At least they weren't yelling and following you. One dude did that, and I was going to let him until he got close enough, but he didnt..

"Better than spending it on a lazy bumfuck like you!"


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