Mohawks Rock

thats what i got,

i was wondering how you people put your hawks up into  some nice looking fans

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I just hold it where I want it, spray, and blow dry. Simple!
i dont hve any hairspray, ive been using elmers, 
Hairspray is cheaper for the amount you will use.

hairspray works great for the fan affect, got 2b glued


haha does anybody use mousse anymore?
I do. I put a voulmizing mousse in, then blow dry, it makes my hair stand pretty much straight up.
if, like me, your mohawk is quite long and thin the best thing to do to make it even is backcomb the middle of it (i.e. part it front to back) then put it all up, spray with hairspray and dry with a blowdrier, starting at the roots. that gives the smoother sides as well as having the volume in the middle to keep it together without loads of gaps x
same thing i do
How wide is it? It might be too thin
yeah its easier when you have thick hair
i think its bout two inches
Thats pretty wide. Maybe you just have thin hair


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