Mohawks Rock

thats what i got,

i was wondering how you people put your hawks up into  some nice looking fans

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its really trial and error. youll get it down good sooner or later. i had that problem when i first got mine.

i spray the base, then spread it out little by little, spray a little bit more, blow dry, then so on and so forth

yeh i think it is trial and error.

i only use my hands and im starting to put it up nicer

is two inches wide for a mohawk? or for a fan? cuz i always cut mine at 2 inches wide

what i do, is i take a brush with short brissils (sp?) brush up the front, then spray then blow dry, i do this on one side all the way back, then to the other side front to back. and if there are gaps i brush out the area on both sides then respray and blowdry.

and it always come out really nice for me.

Use "Pump it Up" you can pretty much buy it anywhere in the US. Its a black hair product that is used to hold braids down so you know it holds pretty well and its only like 3 bucks. I used it when my hawk was like 8-10 inches tall so yeah it does the trick. 


I wouldn't bother wasting money on that got2be shit. Its overpriced. 


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