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Any other Pratchett fans on here?

Which storylines do you like most?  

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May as well start. I like Death, the Witches and the Watch.
I loved the book Mort was epic
I loved Mort and Reaper Man.
the color of magic,was the only pratchett book I read,,how are the discworld books?
Funny as fuck. They've branched into series within the series. Colour of Magic was Rincewind, but there's also the Watch, Death, the Witches, the Wizards, Moist, the Guilds and such. Each series tends to have its own typical narrative.
definitely got to check them out,,I have been caught up in the marvel universe for the past 6 years
If you like satire then you'll love Discworld.  It's blatantly a joke about human nature.
im a huge pratchett fan read all the books played all the games even made rincewind's hat and luggage for imvu


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