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these are some bands i feel personally suck. I know someone on here is gonna defend/ridicule my choices but i dont give a fuck.
theses bands sucks for obvious reasons.
- Casualties - Cheap Sex -Ataris -Knocked out Cold -Lower Class Brats -Flux of Pink Indians -Ashers -Evacuate and more but thoes are the top ones fer sure.  opinions?

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sum 41 or blink 182
Bring Me The Horizon HATE HATE HATE.

They pretty much represent everything I hate about metal today...
Those fuckers are considered today's metal?
yea those bands are fag core.
yes! fagcore!
oh god that is the GREATEST thing i have heard anyone call that "music"
Where do I even fucking start?

Bring Me The Horizon, new Green Day, Brokencyde, Blood On The Dance Floor, Bullet For My Valentine, Distrubed, Tokio Hotel, Attack Attack, 3OH!3, Nevershoutnever, Avenged Sevenfold, The Devil Wears Prada, Lil Wayne, Hannah Montana, Drake, Ne-yo, and all those other shit pop metal/punk/country/whatever bands.
people are always certain I'll love the velvet underground and flux of pink indians. but no.
oh yea
velvet underground is shit too
yeah, i practically agree with every band on that list.
forever the sickest kids,chiodos,brokencyde,fuck em all.
I forgot to mention I fucking hate Nickelback.
cute. Unfortunately that was our class of 06 graduation song. Stupid ass 'photograph'. Nofuckinbody voted, it was just chosen.


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