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these are some bands i feel personally suck. I know someone on here is gonna defend/ridicule my choices but i dont give a fuck.
theses bands sucks for obvious reasons.
- Casualties - Cheap Sex -Ataris -Knocked out Cold -Lower Class Brats -Flux of Pink Indians -Ashers -Evacuate and more but thoes are the top ones fer sure.  opinions?

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How is that cute?
totally agree they are the worst band ever

Whats worse than 100 dead babies?          nickelback.



 Why do they call themselves nickelback?  because if you paid a nickel to see their concert, you'd want your nickel back.


nickelback walks into a bar. There is no punchline to this joke because there is nothing funny about ruining music.




Hah, I've never heard of that first one.

Totally gonna use it though.

haha i had to stock up on jokes a while back because they were playing in my town >:O
i agree with everyone except fo the casualties
yes i do like the casualties too
Justin Bieber and the misfits
you know what surprises alot of people?
the fact that i HATE GG Allin
hes sounds like shit to me.
I also dont like Aus Rotten, Flux of Pink Indians, The Cramps, Poison Girls, the Zounds,
and any band that even relates to Bring Me the Horizon, Winds of Plague, A Day to Remember and all those stupid bands that make you wanna yank your ears off.
The Casualties, and Lower Class Brats are good to me.
and Cheap Sex is whatever
oh yea,
Blood On The Dance Floor Is so bad haha i cant believe someone put that on here! That band is from the same city as me and I cant stand them. Dahvie Vanity is fucking rediculas!

Cheap sex is pretty good

and Lower Class Brats I like a lot
I also like Aus Rotten and the Cramps a lot but all the other bands you guys have named suck!

what about ICP
I cant stand that band!
and all the juggaloes or whatever lol I have had one make fun of me for looking ridiculas with a hawk when he likes to look like a clown xD


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