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these are some bands i feel personally suck. I know someone on here is gonna defend/ridicule my choices but i dont give a fuck.
theses bands sucks for obvious reasons.
- Casualties - Cheap Sex -Ataris -Knocked out Cold -Lower Class Brats -Flux of Pink Indians -Ashers -Evacuate and more but thoes are the top ones fer sure.  opinions?

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The best is: say "Eye yam sofa king we Todd Ed" fast
I've seen that too. xD
Except "We todd did"
Yeah, typical hot topic mallgoth emo bullshit.
I lol'd at "As I Lay Whining"
Apparently there are joke cover bands for such bands with names like as I lay crying and system of a down's syndrome.
Rofl I've heard of the SOAD one, but never As I Lay Crying.
I've forgotten a lot, but another one I do remember is Cannabis Corpse.
And with that, I don't like Cannibal Corpse either.
I <3 the track titles for cannabis corpse. Cannibal corpse is great. I don't really like cannabis corpse but reading the track titles makes them awesome to me.
I don't care for either, Cannabis Corpse is just funny.
to each their own :)
hey theres nothing wrong with SOAD >=\
I Agree!


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