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It seems like it maybe easier to cut after you put it up in a fan? Anyone tried this? does it work well?

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If it is super thin and you are confident in your scissor skills then up is the way to go i think.
i have yet to trim mine. its massive. cant get in my car with it up any more
I used to keep it trimmed at a reasonable length, around 7-10 inches, which is the magic length that people don't bug ya at. Anything taller than that and people can't freakin' stop "IZ DAT YER REEL HURR!?!" which I am not a fan of. Get it? Fan of?
i always trim my hawk when it is down.
Always down and clean. Trimming it while up is likely to make it uneven.

you have to get the perfect fan to do it but i definatly trim my hawk when its up... (altho i haven't trimed it in 6 months O_o prolly should get on that)


Trimmed when its up (fanned). comes out even for me.
How do you trim it to be even when its down ? I usually just cut it when its up its easy and i know how short im making my fan cause its already up.
Start at the front and take a small piece of hawk, cut it to the desired length. Drop half of it, pick up the next piece and cut it to the same length. Drop the first half of that piece and pick up the next piece. Continue till you've gone through your entire hawk.. It really doesn't take long and as long as you work in small sections it's virtually fool proof.

Peter is cutting my hair when my hawks are down.

I cut his when his hawk is down.

Aw yeah.

Yeah, I trim the 'hawk when it's up.  Works fine for me, just round the back is tricky in the mirrors.  Also gets rid of the stray ends.  Just take small amounts off at a time.
I always had it down so that we could pull the hair out as straight as possible before we made any cuts. Plus, it's easier to cut hair without product in it, or even when it's clean and wet.


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