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I can't help but think that the only bands people know are the major punks bands out there. From what I read on one of the other forum posts, it looks like people mainly listen too The Casualties, Fear, Minor Threat, and other big name punk bands. Has anyone hear heard of Skarp or Confuse? How about Aghast? They are a good band. Opposition Rising is another. What music to people listen to here? Grindcore, speedcore, crust, thrash..... any of this or is it just the mainstream? Let me know. I am not trying to be a dick. Just curious.

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fuck yes! 

Wattie is a fucking bonehead, so nah. I used to like them before though.

hm i mostley listen to underground streetpunk bands like end of ernie and sunpower but i also like  bigger bands like angry youth and riot brigade and the casualties, they just have good songs

i like opposition rising quite a lot, but just heard of them lately haha

You have a

I`m not that into speedcore and thrash, but I like me some grindcore and a little bit crust(I like d-beat better).

Well other than that I mostly listen to 80s hardcore, lots of great unknown bands out there.

Opposition Rising is a pretty sick band. I listen to a little bit of grindcore. I'd recommend The Afternoon Gentlemen. I listen to more crack rock steady and ska-punk rather than normal straight up punk. To each his own, I guess.

I actualy listen mostly to Industrial, EBM, and Synthpop lol only recently I started listening to The Rebel Spell and they are fucking good 0.0 DAMN lol I actualy listen to shit like Unterart, Covenant(synthpop not metal), Combichrist, Nachtmahr, Agonoize =D


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