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I notice most posts, pictures, and discussions are from 2012 and 2013.

I just joined last fall and I love the idea of this site, although I wish there was more happening.

I'm the only person ever online every time I sign in..

It'd be cool to boost this site back up and make it as happening as it looks like it used to be!

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fair enough.

It's not the same anymore haha

well that sucks :/

It used to be much more social - people actually bothered to reply, chat and post on the forums about all sorts of topics.

Now it seems like most just lurk and aren't interested in taking part.

I think a couple main things have led to it:

  • Unresponsive/inactive members
  • Too much content to wade through

 It doesn't encourage people to post or interact.

Unfortunately, although an archive section could be added to the forums, that doesn't solve the real problem - the people who don't take part any more.  I'm not even sure if a complete reboot would work either.

damn.. I'm really bummed. 

Sounds like ya'll have given up.

I try to be social on here, but yeah, it is a little difficult when all the messages I send never get replies.

Exactly!  I do still occasionally try, but extremely rarely does anyone reply now - even new people.  It just puts everyone off, if all they see on someone's profile activity is no replies to anything in the last couple years.

It seems to have become too easy to just sit behind the screen and be silent, ignorant and not be involved.

I don't get it either, because it was so much more fun when nearly everyone enjoyed posting & responding.  It was always a bustle of posts to catch up on and topics to interest to respond to.  Everyone was cheerful and upbeat about it, starting conversations/messaging each other.

Personally, I think the only way to get more responsive & active people is to clear out all the non-responding people after a year or two.  Dan's providing a handy 'happy birthday' history that shows whether someone is still interested or not in being part of the site.

We have to make the site consist of only responsive people if it's to flourish and feel worth being a part of for old and new people.  Last time I spoke with Giant Mohawk Man (the site's owner) about this, his plan was once we reach 5000 members he was thinking on a change of focus, to cut down to a smaller number of just the involved people.

We're 79 members away from reaching the 5000 point.  Perhaps then things might change if the 'ghosts' are cleared out?

I HOPE so!!!

I would seriously love to see this site going again.

Although, why would it have to reach 5000 members in order to make a change?

I think it was just a milestone of achievement for the site before downsizing, which I can understand.

Hopefully it'll happen and the community feel to the site will return like it was for the first few years.

Getting this place to be more active starts with conversing with one another. 
This isn't happening because no one wants to be the first one to start the conversation. 

I think Danthehawkman is the only outgoing person on here, he's keeping the site somewhat kicking even if its just writing happy birthday posts on stranger's walls. 

We should all make an effort to be a little more social and try to get to know each other. I also wold like to add that I'm probably one of the most shy/socially awkward people on here so I'm just as much to blame for not being as active as I should. 

You AND Danthehawkman are pretty social on this site! and I love both of you for it!

Look at you Boogle, you've started tons of discussions and you are really welcoming and friendly.

I think people probably got busy and stopped coming on the site.

Unfortunately, I discovered it too late.

I still stop in occasionally but yeah, I used to be a lot more active when it was more fun and social.

I think that a big for reason people starting to fade off is that all of a sudden, when someone would post a topic, they would just catch a bunch of shit for "not using the search function" to look up the old threads. And yes, after a while everything will repeat itself because let's face it, there is really only so much you can talk about involving mohawks. It will eventually either run out or loop back around so just answer it and don't bitch. Even if it is an old topic, we might have new or different answers this time around. Mybe some new tricks learned or something.

Second, A LOT of spamming was going on a while ago, when it started to die. I'm sure that made some shy away.

And finally, like you guys said, most of the old people who were the most fun, helpful, social, and active never get on. I can't even find some of the old profiles and pics that I remember anymore. It's like they just vanished one day. I started noticing that a while back as well, so Im not sure if they just deleted themselves or if they did "expire" from being inactive.

A lot of the old threads/topics and games we used to play are also nowhere to be found. It's like they get old and drop off. Now, I don't know if that has anything to do with the site changing format every so often like it used to or what, but it sucks.

I don't know, I'd love to see this site back in its glory again. There's a lot of good memories here, and it's sad that it isn't how it used to be and the people aren't how they used to be.

I'll try more too.

I agree with a lot of that - thankfully we've got the spamming fully under control now it seems.  What with all new members now needing approval first by a person.

Profiles have an option on leaving to delete all content related to them - this will remove not only their profile, but also any threads they've started.  That feature has irritated me before when really wanting to revisit some of the sub-conversations in a thread.  But it's up to the individual who closes their account to tick the box or not to remove content.

I still prefer the old forum sections on by default and I feel we have a lot of clutter that could be placed in a nice archive section instead.  Thus still searchable, but at least it might make the other sections less intimidating for new posts about repeated topics, sparking activity again.  I do think we've got rid of a lot of the members who moaned about repeated topics, so we might be left with a more tolerant situation for new people again.


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