Mohawks Rock

ok so i've notice a lot of kids with fohawks and honestly it makes me want to bash their faces in,

why not grow some balls and get a real mohawk?

i mean i'm the only girl in my school who had enough balls to get one.

any who i just think they should all DIE! :)

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In my opinion hair is just hair i judge people on personality not how they look. One of my best friends has a faux-hawk and hes a great guy but ive also met people with faux-hawks that are to total douchebags so as Jello Biafra once said " Lets just use your fuckin' head i dont care what your hair looks like"
I just hate the black chicks that try to have "mohawks". Everyone (it seems) at my school has these stupid, retarded ass little "mohawks" that aren't a quarter inch long and then they shave it off and go back to just a little bit of hair. Until your mohawk reaches at least a half an inch, IT IS NOT A MOHAWK. I FUCKING HATE people that get these so called "mohawks" and don't shave the sides. Can you try to be a bit more fake? I didn't gag hard enough when I saw your hairdo.

"I just hate the black chicks that try to have "mohawks"."



just how black chick are...-.-



thank you guys and girls with as its actually spelt fauxhawks it is annoying go shave the sides

Well since I'm sitting here thinking about it, I suppose a fauxhawk could be useful for a couple reasons.


1. It allows you to have a similar look to a mohawk, but still allow you to easily have a regular head of hair in order to keep your job/get a job. There are of course some jobs where full out mohawks are ok, but if you're just trying to get a job quick, or if your chosen job or career doesn't allow for a mohawk, but you still want to be able to wear "the look", either while you're working, or maybe outside of the job.


2. It gives you a basic idea of what you would look like with an actual mohawk. A "try it before you buy it" scenario. Especially useful for the girls with lots of hair, and a lot to lose if they shave it all off and reailze they don't like the mohawk.


If you want a mohawk, but for either of these reasons you don't get an actual mohawk, its totally fine in my opinion. If you just want a fauxhawk because you simply like that look... well we all clearly support individuality, so to each his/her own.

+50 million


 A co-worker made a remark about my 'faux-hawk' the other day...... I didnt think I was hawking anything "IT'S A POMPADOUR YOU DUMB BASTARD!"



it really pisses me off too

i love having my mohawk just for the sake of being that much different than everybody else in my school, most of them are mainstream little pussies, and i just fucking hate it,

lately ive had to shave mine off but once this year i shaved the sides and everybody looked at me like i was insane, it was funny as hell

Seeing they don't have mouths, and birds don't have dicks...


No they can't.


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