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ok so i've notice a lot of kids with fohawks and honestly it makes me want to bash their faces in,

why not grow some balls and get a real mohawk?

i mean i'm the only girl in my school who had enough balls to get one.

any who i just think they should all DIE! :)

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I think as a starting point you should just shave your head. 


hair grows back. 

Here here! Well said.

well first i'm not 12.

second i was just putting my opinion you don't need to get all pissy about my opinion. simple as that. if you don't like my opinion then don't listen to it.


the real hawk is like a badge of courge the ever present in your fucking face i dont give a fuck what you think.

not everyone who wants one has earned it so therefore bask in your own filth and fuck them

No, its a hair style.
tell that to the Native Americans,,I think they beg to differ,BUT it can be both a just a hairstyle or a way of life,to some people hair is just not hair
What is it then? A third arm?
Not be a smart ass but do your history,,keyword Native American,they just don't think hair is hair,to them it might as well be a third arm,,some people whether or not you choose to believe has a spiritual connection with their hair and the mowhawk was only worn when they went to battle,,but I also said it can just be worn as a hair style,,
Mohawks have been around for thousands of years and I just assume everyone has heard of the mahican's and since we're not talking to one(the OP) we don't need to bring it up.


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