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Does conditioning a mohawk make it harder to put up, or does it not really matter?

Well, my hair's getting a little weak now since I just dyed my hair the other day, and all the constant blow-drying it..Now, is it normal to tug on your hair a little, and get 1 or 2 to strands come out each time? I don't remember that happening, so I decided to condition my hair maybe 2 or 3 times a week..I was planning on using:
Will that make much of a difference if I start to spike up my hair, in a sense of weighing it down or anything? I get my hair thinned out, anyways. And also, how long does conditioner usually last in your hair? (I also don't plan on spiking it up for maybe a week.) Sorry for all the questions..Thanks!

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Hm, alright..Thanks. Is there a way to tell if it's just normal falling out, or if it's breakage?
Look at the ends/ the length. It's normal to shed a couple hundred (i think) hairs a day, you usually don't even notice. If you have product in your hair for a long period of time or if your is tied up for a long period of time it will look like more then usual is falling out but it's normal.

To avoid breakage to do not tug or pull on your hair, brush gently. If you tie your hair back don't pull it tight, avoid putting your hair up, avoid any heat tools (blow dryers, flat irons, etc). If you'd like a list of ways to repair your hair and keep it healthy I'd be happy to give you one.
Hm..I might just be paranoid or something. My moisturizing conditioner shouldn't fade my red dye I hope, right? It's not labelled for color hair, though..But I don't believe it's that deep of a conditioner..
It will fade it.. Even water alone will fade your color a little bit.
STOP! lol Tresemme strips color... fast! ok now that is out the way. when u wash out ur hawk condition every time. u should always use conditioner after shampooing ur hair (altho some people find if you wash ur hair with shampoo just b4 u want to stand ur hawk and dont condition that its easier to get it to speak.). i only put my hawk up on weekends cos i work all week so on a sunday night i shampoo it all out and condition. let my hair rest for the week and repeat. i do find when i put my hair up i tend to find fallen hairs stuck to my hands but thats just normal for me. hope that helps. My girly did a hair dressing course and found out bout tresemme both the shampoo and conditioner strip color. also b4 u dye ur hair wash with shampoo and DONT condition that way ur hair sucks in more color.

Oh, great. >.<'

How often should I condition it, just to be safe? Maybe 1 or 2 times a week?

Use normal conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. DEEP condition a few times a week, deep conditioner and regular conditioner are different products. You can also substitute making your own hair mask for deep conditioning if you want a cheaper route.
Adding hair care tips cause you sound like you need it:

the best way to promote hair growth is to keep it healthy but ive also read that massaging your scalp for a few mins while you wash your hair stimulates blood flow in the scalp and promotes growth...

heres some healthy hair care tips:

-wash your hair every other day. unless you have extremely oily hair washing it everyday will make it dry. your hairs natural oils help protect your hair, so you dont want to wash it all away everyday.. but you also dont want to let it build up too much.

-wash your hair with warm water (not hot) and rince with cold. the warm water, like the pores of your skin, opens your hair folicals, allowing it to be cleaned throughly. the cold water closes them back up.

- brush your hair well everyday. this takes the oils your scalp makes to protect your hair and coats each strand. be gentle and use a good brush.

- deep condition/use a hair mask once a week. you can buy some at both at beauty supply stores or most places that sell shampoo/conditoner. or you can make your own usuing foods like avacado, mayo, eggs, butter, olive oil, etc. mix together and nuke till warm work into your hair, cover with a plastic bag or plastic wrap and leave on for a half hour then wash out.
-use a hot oil treatment once a month, they can be found very cheap at beauty supply stores. hair placenta is also a great product found at beauty supply stores.

-get monthly trims to remove all spit ends.

-avoid using styling tools that use heat (blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc). avoid bleaching and excessive dying..
Thank you! I'll try conditioning it once a week or so, and see what happens. I'm sure the dying and constant blow-drying has damaged it a bit..Thanks again!
Ohh, alright. I just got done conditioning it now, actually..It feels a little smoother already. Hopefully it'll get back to the way I used to remember it. >.> Thanks for the help!
well conditioner makes it smoother and shampoo dries it out, shampooing makes it easier to put up cos its drier


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