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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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the other day an old lady asked me if i was in an occult...i said whats it to you? she looked at me and said then how do you explain ur hair? i said uhhh well its a i explain it as being an awesome hairstyle...then after i finished ringing her shit up (im a cashier) i started laughing because her total was $66.63!!! i just smiled and said ur total is 6663! i wish i coulda recorded that...her expression was priceless!!! but other stupid questions i get are pretty much the same ones on here...
can i touch it?
are you gay?
whats wrong with your hair?
how do you get it to stay up? this one time a lady asked me this and i told her what i use and she was like "but how does it stay up?" i was like "wow i just fuckin told you!" hahaha
what does ur mom think? stoopid questions
most normal is:
can I touch it?
how do you sleep at night?
how long does it take?

At a bar once some random dude asked me if he would get laid more often with a mohawk than without. which I replied to with something like: try, and start counting
Why do you do your hair like that? thats probably the most stupid question ever. i do it because i like it
I liked your old hair better? That doesnt matter its my hair.
i mostly get thows to questions and all of your questions too
" is your hair naturally like that" wtf- it's bright candy pink and spiked in a mohawk!!!!! what part about it would grow that way naturally?
oh we go lol.

so why do you cut your hair like that? --cuz i want to..duh.

dont people think your a boy?--not if i have a high voice, boobs and wear girlish clothes.

why color your hair like that? i dont get hit by a car in the middle of the night?..idk..
what style is that?--- its dreadhawk...
GRR....dumb ass people
"So did you get in a fight with a lawn mower?"
I get that a lot
one guy asked 'how do you do it?'
i said 'a shit ton of hairspray'
he said 'no no the sides, do you cut it?'
no shit i buz it.
shit that was a stupid question.
haha I had a kid ask me the other day "How much did that cost?" I was just like. "I did this myself..."

ive gotten "Is that permanent?"

when I went to school with it up for the first time (I wore it down a couple weeks) "Where did you get all that hair?"

I was in a gas station once and had some guy say "If you were my son, I would beat you" I said "If I were your son, I would
beat myself"

I got someone who just stopped stared and said "Oh that sucks..."

I was at the beach once and someone was like "I didnt know the sharks could come on the shore too"

"Does that hurt?"

"Can I take a picture with you?" I got asked that 47 times in one day once at a convention

I get random old guys come up to me, "I use to have my hair like that" (which i think is total bullshit most of the time) then they tell me long stories of their past like i care -_-

one day at the fair i got asked "Do you get a lot of girls looking like that?" I say "umm yeah i guess" then the guy said "Do they have hair that looks like yours?" I say "Sometimes" He goes "Ewwww" and walks away lol

Once I got told by some lady "My son would just love you!" I was like "haha ok...?"

I get asked a lot "Are you in a rock band?"

"Do you look like this everyday?"

I get this sometimes too "Are you a Vampire?" lmao

"Are you gay?"

I got told by some lady once "honey, that hasnt been cool since the 80's"

I got pulled over by a cop once and he walks up and was like "Well... arnt you the little freak." I then got a ticket for not using my turning signal to change lanes when there was only like 2 cars on the road... -_-

"Do you listen to Metallica?" (I dont like Metallica at all lol)

Ive gotten told "You are very brave" haha

I got this once too "Do you work at Hot Topic?" (no I dont btw lol)

Once my cousin told me that she got in trouble once for looking at pics of me on my myspace page. her mom walked in while she was looking at the ones where i looked like a zombie with fake blood and make up and my aunt was like "What are you doing! You do not need to be looking at that kind of garbage" My cousin was then like "Mom, thats your nephew..." my aunt then said "Oh... never mind?" and my cousin said she looked like she was disgusted lol. but when she visits our family she acts fake and tells me i look cool
heh I like the boundary issues one. XD
"so why the patch?"
why the fuck not!?
"Is this your way of saying you're a dyke?"
"Why do you bother? Punk is dead."
"You can't be a child for forever, when are you going to grow up?"
"omg, what's wrong with that girl? Is she fer real?"
"Do you think that's cool?"
"Are you doing this for attention?"
"Don't your ears get cold?"
"ugh. not another johnny rotten wannabe."
it's ridic. I wish people would get a brain, and a life. My hair doesn't define who i am, it just defies gravity.
o why is your hair like that are you homeless im like yea clearly im sitting in front of this house with the door open but its not mine i killed the owner and took his keys
or are you a drunk and the answer is are you a dumb bitch by any chance


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