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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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I think somebody just won herself a new nickname!
Not directly hair related, but I imagine it'll come from my appearance...

They say some thing, I say something back, then they say...

"do you want a smack?"

I'm never really sure how to respond to that one...

"surprisingly, no."
I'd rather someone ask me a question to my face so I can represent myself, educate them, and hopefully change their perceptions and stereotypes. Not saying it doesn't get old and that's why it's nice to bitch to other people who understand. :)

When I was dyeing my hair a lot in high school I had an old lady ask me if I was trying to be like Dennis Rodman... that one sticks with me cuz it's like wtf?!

One of the funniest thing I've seen is my little old grandma walking up to this massive biker dude covered in leather and ink and asking him if he tattooed his butt. Then they stood there and talked tattoos for like 30 minutes, he was of course a big sweet heart and showed her all his tattoos for his kids.
My mom once yelled at me for not being "normal" when I have my hawk spiked up. I think that everyone had that happen to them, have someone ask why they couldn't be normal. Other than that I don't really get asked stupid questions.
Actually, just yesterday a guy asked me how long my hair is. I told him six inches and the asks me but how long is it down? I just shook my head.
haha, I get that too; the education system has really let us all down. I also get asked, "What does it look like when it's down?" Um, like a mohawk but not standing up.
It transforms into a mystical unicorn that can only be seen by the pure of heart.
with a laser cannon. cant forget that.
This is work related. ill have people ask me "where do i pay?". i've also have had probably 5 people be AT the cash register and ask me "is this where i pay?". i work at a typical store with cash registers, i have NO clue on why they these questions!
haha, reminds me of the poeple who ask how much things are in the $1 stores.
there's this one dude in the town i live near who me and my mates have nicknamed the "have you ever" guy and he comes up with a new question each time i see him, i seem to make up most of his brain activity lol
last week he asked " have you ever got in a fight put your head down and charged at them like a bull?" i said yes and he looked astounded.
before that he had asked "have you ever tryed to sex with it?" and i was too shocked to think of a responce.
best question not from him though, was a woman who looked right over my head and said "Oh mohican why have you grown a man, that doesnt make you punk." then she waited for an answer for about 5 seconds, looked satisfied and left, and i wandered for the rest of the day whether my mohawk answered her....
umm i have tons
like do your parents let you dress like that?
how do you put it up?
are you gay?
do you sleep with it up? or is that even possible? (yes there smart now two part Q's)
is it's really cut on the sides?
how do you cut it? (i told her i accidently comed my hair? haha)


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