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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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I know what you mean. It's just like how can they be so stupid how could it not be real ?? you know i guess they have those Halloween costume wig thingies but you can tell there not real this is just stupid.
i had someone ask me if i suffered from alopecia, and when i said no, they procedded to tell me how disgusting i am and walk
i sometimes where dread extensions and have been asked if they
if i can squirt water through my lip piercing, if tattoos hurt, how i make my hair stand up, how i sleep with my hair various ways, how i eat with my piercings in, and have had people ask for pictures, oh and how i can blow my nose with the metal in it

i have hot pink hair and i was asked "is that your natural hair color?" hahaha i just replyed "um no no offense but u must be really stupid if u think that hot pinks my natural hair color." and the worse part was ive gone to school with this kid sense 1st grade.

i had someone ask me that before too...i told them yes it is, my parents have a rare clown deformity that causes me to randomly grow "crazy" hair colors, tomorrow it might be different....i just never know. but i have learned to live with it and feel that it makes me a stronger person.
i worked as a lifeguard back in the day. was asked "do you save lives?" um no i fucking watch them drown...stupid ass.
or when i had long hair that was down to my nips. got asked. "how do you swim with all that hair?" WHAT THE FUCK? what do you mean how do i swim with all this hair, do you realize you just asked a stupid question, look at your is longer then mine, why didnt you ask her that question???"

Having the side of my head tattooed, people always ask me if I intend to keep my hair shaved forever. They've also asked if my hair will ever grow back after being tattooed.




That one really gets me.

Possibly the greatest/stupidest thing I've ever had someone say to was "You could be my son, I remember having sex with a cockatoo 18 years ago". I laughed so fucking hard it was ridiculous.

oh shit thats too funny, cracked me up

someone asked me once if my vagina was floppy after having a baby. I was really offended, I mean what idiot would ask something like that. Of course it gets large enough to have a baby go through it when you have contractions, but seriously it isnt bowling ball size for life after kids... fucking retards. lmfao


Also I have had people ask me if the scar on my arm was from being wounded while I was in the service. Its an obvious broken arm scar, but peope think becuase I was in the military I must have been Rambo or some shit. So I lie and tell them some grand story about how I rescued a puppy from insurgent heavy artillary fire... and they usually believe me.


Another one about my hair is people ask "do you do that for attention?" and I don't even know wtf that is supposed to mean. My pink hair makes about as much a cry for attention as them wearing a purple shirt. I hate it when people try to think they know you simply judging by the way you look.


*facepalm* People ask me stupid stuff all the time.

hahaha sam dhere  people always assume i do shit for attention and even if it was for attention its defenetly for most of these boring looking people that usually have nothing good to say hahaha
It wasn't a question, but once I went down shopping some groceries, and then this lady in another line said to the one she was with "I'm glad she's not my daughter!" I lol'd, yer it made me glad 'cause she could actually see I was a girl. A lot of kids thought I was a boy. Then I got the chelseahawk and they're no longer in doubt.
(On Liberty Spikes) Do they all have to be the same size? Oh yes ma'am. You see, if they aren't all mathematically even, gravity takes special hold and they fall to the ground. Fuck off liquor store lady.


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