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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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Why would you do that too your hair?
How long does that take too put up?
Are you ever gunna grow that thing out?
Why are you always so mad at the teachers, police officers, your parents(ect.)
Are you emo? (wtf?)
How did you defy gravity?
Have you ever poked someone's eye out with that?

And more...

It really pisses me off!
Had the emo shit too, was just like, you serious?
Apparently people mistake "emo" for individuality or something. I do not look sad or depressed or bleeding in anyway.
Here were i live "emo" is everything diferent to the the way all the douchebags are...
It's sad how people do that. I just don't get how people would find comfort looking like everyone else. Or even pretending to think the same as everyone else.
i always find the most common for me are...
1. how do you keep it up... all those gels and hairsprays you see on the tv!!
2. how long does it take.... about 40 mins if i havent been drinking!!
3. can i touch it... Fuck off!!!
today someone asked me if I could breathe through my bridge piercing if I took the bar out.
I've gotten some pretty random questions and comments on my hair..
I was in the store the other day, and this four year old screamed at the top of her lungs while pointing to me..
"Mom!! Look!!! a unicorn!!"
hahahaha im sorry but when people do that to me i crack up
hmm questions like
How do you make it stand up??(mohawk)
Is that your real hair?
shit like that lol, i just laugh

is your hair real? to which i reply naw i bought it from the joke shop and u glue it on... someone once asked me how i grew it and i just stared at them wondering if they realised how stupid theyre question was

Is that a wig ??
Is that realy YOUR hair ??? ( no i stole it from someone and glued it on my head)
how do you do it ???
What do you use ???
Hairspray really i dont believe you what did you really use ?? -,-
Are you a dyke ??
Why do you look like that ??


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