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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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cool story, bro.

what kinda bird are u tryin to imitate?

can i touch it?

those are basically the ones i get mostly

o and haw do u get it up ( with little blue pills is my general answer )

It's only happened twice, but still, I old people asking "how often do you have to get that done?"

Ignore the random-ass "I" before 'old people'

lol never had the gay question just put e knife in those people's face


why is he soooo weird its like because im a weird mothafucka duhh hahaha
Before when i didnt sport makeup and wore mainly military styled fashion i kept getting asked "are you a boy?" thats a question i have been asked every day that i do not care what the hell i look like. Another question (for those whom thought i was a boy) was the whole "are you gay?". I also get asked it my un-natural hair color is real.... are people these days really not that educated?

my parents always ask me: "do you really like this ugly hair?"
hahahaha but I always answer "for me it's pretty beautiful" ...then they just give up!!


strangers just stop me to say I'm really brave for using my hair like this or to say they liked it!! ^^

i can deal with all the stupid questions like,

how do you get it up?

how long does it take?

can i touch it?

i don't mind, its just people being curious.

it's questions like,

is that real?

what did ur mom say?

or why did you cut it like that?

that really bug me.

it's like,

 no bitch it's fake,

my mom took me to cut it the first time,

and why'd YOU cut your hair like THAT?

dumb questions...

1. are you emo? ( fuckin jack ass's no!)

2. did that peircing hurt? ( yes it fuckin hurt)

3. are you bi? ( no straight up into men)

4. I've been asked if I was a gangster....( fuckin morons...)

5. why would your mother let you dress like that? ( because shes not a nazi bitch )

6. can I touch it? ( fuck no you can't touch it)

The only person who's ever even said anything to me was some man at a gas station and he said I'm the only person thats different in our fucked up town. ^-^
I got asked last night if my mohawk was a real mohawk or one of those fake mohawks that he sees kids have. I belive he was refering to fauxhawks. I'm like sir this is infact a mohawk. As you can see I have shaved sides. Idk I found his question reeally Fucking stupid. Clearly I don't have a fauxhawk.


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