Mohawks Rock

i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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Only time I ever asked someone if their mohawk was real it turned out it wasn't, which is pretty lucky considering most people on here don't take too kindly to that question!

what drives me nuts is when people ask me:

"what made you want to cut your hair like that?"


..... Because i like it, its appealing to me... what made you want to style your hair so flat and boring? probably the same reason i cut mine, because you like it and you think it looks good. 

pretty much had the same responses as most here.
whats it like when its not fanned?
how do you sleep at night?
why do you have stupid hair? promptly replied to with why do you have a stupid face?

I went out dressed as a Roman and someone decided they were gonna try to steal my "hat" as I walked past them, Not a smooth move!

although my fav is when girls come up and ask me "how do you get it hard?" followed by "can I touch it?"
"What happened to your hair?"
"Shes a Druggie"
"what is Wrong with your hair?"
"how do you get it to stay up"
yeahh..gets annoying lol
My very favorite is "Are the sides of your head SHAVED?"
I was in downtown memphis one time and a guy asked if i was in town to play music fest...which was a month past...

As far as questions, How long does it take?, How do you do it?, Can i toush it?, and Why dont you be normal? On the street i get old ass mormans video taping me. I live in utah so you can imagine


Is that your real hair? No it's fake, dumbass.

How do you sleep with that hair? I bought a pillow with a cut out in the center. My hair rests in that cut out, dumbass.

Are you a lesbian? Yes, didn't you hear? Mohawks are the new international symbol of homosexuality, dumbass.


Now here are some more unsual ones..

What tribe are you from? (The guy who asked was pretty loaded at the time)

How much did that cost?

Are you a "chicken-bird"? (Asked by a little girl)

lol a couple of IDIOTS asked me that same dumb ass question,''IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR'' I just looked at them with a blank stare,like wow did you really ask me that,really? a black dude with a 8 inch fake Mohawk, its not Halloween  dude really? my hair doesn't even look fake


What the hell is that?

I said I'm your grandson grama!
well its not that dumb and its a normal question how do you get your hair like that? how much gel do you use? i always like to fuck around with people like oh i just wake up like this. and they believe me so i guess its a stupid question lmao

"What happened to your hair?" What happened to YOURS?
"Did you really shave the sides?" No, you're seeing things.
"Can I touch it?" It feels like hair, leave me alone.
"Are you going to grow it back?" Why would I do such a thing? My hair is this way because I like it this way.
"How do you get it up like that?" I jizz in mah hurrr and stand out in the heat, whilst holding it up.
"How do you sleep?" I hang upside down from the ceiling. (: 


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