Mohawks Rock

i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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What do you call that?!?! (the chick was pointing to my hair) I just walked away shaking my head. The mohawk has been around for how long?!?! geez.

Did you do it to embarass your dad?! Uhh no Ms. Annoying lady in Value City. I did not. I did it cuz I wanted to do something with my hair since its been growing since i was lil.


It gets annoying when people just reach up and touch my hair... I dont mind if you ask but just goin up and doing it when i didnt even see you near me is just rude and creepy.

 Don't know if this actually ranks up with the dumbest or not but definitely the annoying.

  In a little side street dive I used go to hide from everyone I know this older Redneck Guy argued with me for what seemed like an eternity over whether or not I was a wrestler. Which I am kinda big 6'2 with the hawk I had then maybe 6'5 and 210 lbs.But other than with friends I've never wrestled a day in my life.He just kept slurring out yea you're one those WWW guys or something. I've see you on TV, You Wrasstle) Finally I grabbed a news paper and started reading.

     He went away but I could hear him across the room trying to convince anyone who would listen that I was a Pro. wrestler.

    Oh, another on I got that's Kinda funny...Are you a Punk Rocker?

I was asked if I impaled them with my spikes would it actually gore them... Yes yes it would.
Do you always wear a wig.

   When I had a Red hawk (actually more of an ugly orange) but I was riding a Bus and this guy a few seats back kept trying to get my attention. Hey Punk rawker, hey Punk rawker. When I turned around and acknowledge him he was this over weight, scragly bearded, long hair on sides and back yet entirely bald in front and on top.

    He says O.K., I just wanted to get a better look at you cause I fucked a Rooster and I was afraid you WAS my son.I've heard the joke before and it's I fucked a Chicken, Roosters are mail. A few people laughed but most were appalled by him. I ask him, how did you manage to screw a Rooster? Roosters are male. The had to add Do you prefer males in humans and other animals or just your feathered companions.People then were laughing at him, which he "didn't take Kindly to!" he started threatening me with an ass-whuppin and then started cussing other people. I was around 18 at the time and at 15 I achieved my1st degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do and won a Bronze medal in the National Jr Olympics.I wanted to go to the Pan Am games and was eligible but not not financially. Would that help me now over 15 yrs. later, probably not cause I haven't kept in practice. But then, I would have kicked that poor guys scull in. I constantly trained with 5 lb weights on my ankles to make me faster, able to kick high easier, and honestly, to know I could kick just as fast with my combat boots on which I had a straight pair of the Canvas and leather Jump boots. Now I wear Biker Boots is at all. Mostly I've reverted back to me converse. I messed my ankle up stage handing several yrs back and boots sorta hurt. My Bike Boots dont hurt bad and I can fit protection right down in it.

But just thought that was a pretty funny story that was worth repeating.

"Did that piercing hurt?" No fucking shit you twat, let me stab a needle through your face and see if it hurts.

i know once some one asked me "doesn't it hurt to look like that" i said to him "only you" then i wacked him one

what's it look like when it's not spiked? hair!

most creative reply ever.

someone asked me if the ring in my nose (not stud or anything) was a fake or magnetic one. i thought it was pretty stupid thing to ask, but it made me laugh. and my mama asks me all the time why i cant just be normal..

"Have you written your will yet? I want your hair when you do!"

i work in a bar so i'm always getting asked the usual mohawk questions is it real? how do you get it to stand up? do you really like? why do you make yourself look like that? but the best was when someone asked if i could feel my lip ring...... er lump of metal through my lip what do you think?!?!.


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