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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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"Is it Hard to do ??" (Actually get this one on tons of topics)

" What did you do to your hair" (Well I shaved the sides, and let them mong in the middle.....)


And the most funny one "Mom, Can I get an haitcut like this guy ??"


- "Why ?"

- (Low but still high) "It's a haircut for drug fiends"....

Actually This wasn't targeted to me, as I didn't had a mohawk by the time a heard this one. But there were a guy with an awesome 10cm long black fanhawk near me in the subway....

(Also, the only drugs I use are Cigars and sometimes a nice lil Wiskey or Ice cold Vodka...)


It's fun. Got a mohawk since about a week and already get those silly questions... My Dad, who haven't seen me with a mohawk yet, fears I could look too much like a Neo Nazi or a Hard core Punk...

Yesterday, I got the best one ever. Some other guy with a hawk got on the bus, and an old lady asked if we're brothers. Made. My. Day.

stupidest ones i get:

"Does it hurt?"" yeah i sharpen my hair…"

"When are you gunna cut it?" *stare in silence* or "whenever  i damn well please!"

"How do you walk through doors?" "the same way as you… im not even six foot"

and for all the "can i touch it?" or "can i take a picture with you?" i always say yes unless it is obvious they are fucking with me.

does anyone else have people randomly touch their hair while walking down the hall or some shit? its fuckin weird… if you ask thats at least polite and i have a chance to say no, but if you just sneak up from behind and hair-rape me thats not fucking cool.

I usually wear a zebra-tail attached to the back of my belt. One time I was entering a store when all of sudden a woman behind me decided that she'd give it a little tug and then pretend that it wasn't her. Shit freaked me out.

Q; did it hurt

A; falling from heaven...of course

You have to give an equally witty answer to render your sanity when you have been dealing with stupid questions as long as i have

I currently have red devil horns for hair. I'm usually not outside other than at work.

At work, I get:

Are those real? (as a guy I never thought I'd hear that)

How do you keep it up? (lol)

So this is hell. Huh, I pictured it much differently.

Are you feeling devilish today?

From kids: Why do you have antennas? Are you an alien?

 After hearing that one a lot, 2 kids started chanting YOU'RE AN ALIEN and dancing around me.

YES!!!! Kids are freaking fantastic...think i could forgive all the stupid questions in the world if i got serenaded afterwards!

Yeah, I love messing with kids since I freak some out and make others laugh.

hmm i like the who are you mad at one! never heard that before… that makes me want to get a jacket with a "mad at the world" patch on the back lol

"Did you lose a bet?"

That's the one question that can really piss me off (but only on a bad day, I'm usually a very relaxed and easy-going person).

It pisses me off just since it's always from some college jock douchebag.

One I got from an old guy yesterday: "Why do you have colorful hair? Do you just like being stared at and want attention all the time?"


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