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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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thats fuckin funny lmfao why wont u fight me lol i burst out laughin when i read tht

 Ha ha, What kind of an Idiot???? If he/she ever ask again say because I have a MOHAWK!

That is so stupid, so absurd, that it's BEAUTIFUL!

"can i touch it? - i fail to see what that achieves for them but still....the answer is no by the way,"
my answer would be "touch what?"
yeah, when i had blue hair people always wanted to touch it, like wtf? don't touch me!
I get asked how long it takes to get up, I don't see why people want to know but I tell em :)
I get asked for pictures a lot and am always happy to take a picture.
and if someone wants to touch it, who am I to say no?

same, i just answer their questions, take pics, let em touch.

i see no problem in it.

except when people don't ask and try to sneak pictures or just randomly touch ur head.

its annoying when people dont just ask to take a pic its like awe come on! you could of atleast told me so i could have an epic pose in it!
same here if people are nice to me ab pics or touchin it or questions of how i do it im happy to respond. pisses me off wen they dont ask first tho
1) Can I touch it? *uhm, why? It's just hair, can I touch yours?*
2) How long does it take to do? *about 10 minutes* Oh
3) Why? *Why what, you mean my hair? 'Cuz I'm cool.*
4) When are you going to grow it out? *When I feel like it.*
5) (statement) I liked your old hair. *Oh well, it's my hair not yours. Get over it.*
6) What colour is going next? *I dunno, I only dyed it yesterday.*
7) Are you a Punk then? *more than likely, what with the hawk an' all*
8) What you gonna be like when your 80? *I dunno, I gotta live that long first*
9) What hairdresser does that? *My mum does it for free*
10) Mummy? Can I have my hair like that? *:laughs: little kids are so cute*
11) Why can't you be normal? *What is normal? You mean like you? Chav!!*

People keep asking when I'm going to grow it out, but say that it looks cool too. Why would I grow my hair for them? It's my hair! My step-grandma said that she prefered my old hair and that she doesn't want it up for Christmas. Fuck her! It's going up and it'll be beautiful, I'm not growing it for her!
hey becki... i plan having my mohawk into my 80s... what is this :chav: you speak of? never heard that one
I've gotten the "i had one in high school" and i just think to myself "ya well you're 50 now, who cares?" but i'm way to nice to say anything like that.


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