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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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I had people ask could they touch it i even had people call me smurf because of my blue hair

I live in a very redneck town with all the rednecks sporting chuck liddel hawks and queer fauxhawks, so i'm asked if i'm gay, why would my parents let me do it, were you attacked by a lawnmower, ect.

"are you a punk" or "is your hair shaved at both sides?" when it obviously is

Every time I'm styling my hair this one family member walks in and screams as if she just saw a demon.

She's said stuff to me like

you're such a pretty girl, why do you want to look ugly?

I can't look at you.

Why are you doing this?

She's also called me a rooster, dinosaur, lizard and then turns around and says if it makes me happy it makes her happy. THEN STOP SCREAMING lmao

This other family member who hasn't even seen the hawk yet noticed when I cut it shorter and asked if I was sad when I cut my hair.


I don't get questions I just get comments, so far today I've had; Emo love (whilst walking with my sister -.- ), Jesus Christ, Look at his hair! and (my personal favourite) *Gasp* -old lady looks like she's about to have a heart attack-.

Also rocks, I get them too. -.-

The only people who asked if they could take pictures with me were hot girls so I didn't mind. :D

Lol yeah? At least its somebody hot XD I get old ladies that want to show their grandkids.....why can't hot guys hit me up for pics lol

I have three vest and a jacket that are studded and patched and people ask where I get them from. Why doesn't it dawn on people that I make them look the way they look?

Thats hilarious, Have you ever looked on ebay at "Punk Jackets"? People will sell their spiked leathers and studded vests. I always wonder if people ever buy those. 

Kind of ruins the whole point of punk if you're not doing it yourself.

I guess celebrities buy them...

Also Alexander McQueen made a punk inspired leather jacket:
Blah, i hate how people sell this kind of shit... maybe even more than i hate the kind of people who just go out and buy it to be cool. 

It's all about "DIY or die".

I had some guy approach me and my boyfriend at the bar the other night and asked me if he could take a picture of my hair cause his wife is a hairdresser and would love to see something like that. 
I shrugged and thought "whatever, i'm interested in hair dressing so i can relate on some level" so even though it made me a little uncomfortable, I agreed to have my picture taken.

Then after he took my picture he put is hand on my back and said with a suave tone "Thanks! Hey, How about a shot on me?" 
The first thing i thought was "what the fuck? you don't have a wife! you just did that shit to 'break the ice'" so I said with an annoyed tone "No" and he said "are you sure?".
I see my boyfriend out of the corner of my eye, looking like he's about to beat the fucking dog shit out of this kid. 
I was like oh my fucking god, are you sure you want to keep pushing shots on me in front of my boyfriend? 

Fuckin A. Why do i always think people have good intentions? What a fucking joke. 


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