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I've had my 'hawk now for about six or so months and have been dyeing it regularly, but only one color. Wanted to do something different for Christmas this year and dye it green and red. How would I go about doing this so the colors don't bleed into each other?

As my first time of dyeing it multiple colors I've decided to play it safe and part my hair in the middle and dye each side of it.


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If you're coloring each side, they'll bleed into each other. Depends on what brand of color you use to determine how much bleeding and if it'll effect the other color.

If you do the back one color and the front another, all you'd have to do is part the hair when you shower, and only wash one color at a time. Just be careful not to let the water run off into the other color.

As for bleeding on the sides, it depends on how porous your hair is if the sides will stain or not. Likely they might stain the first week (depending on how often you wash it), the fade back to normal after that.

Someone on another site recommended parting the 'hawk down the middle, dyeing a side and covering with foil to rinse separately. Anyone else tried this one successfully? 

This works but once your hair is mixed and you wash it/get it wet for the first time the colors will bleed into each other. You would also have to dry the colors separately.

If you use good quality dye, I always liked Jerome Russell punky colour and special effects, don't worry about bleeding. All you have to do us wash with cold water til the water runs clear and don't shampoo. The cold will help settle the dye. I have dyed my hair so many times and with so many colours. I never really worry about bleeding colours. It just takes time and patients, no need to rinse separately.

If you color one side at a time, you can cover a side with foil or conditioner, rinse with cool water and repeat on the other side. As long as it's cool water, it shouldn't bleed. I know, I'm a hairdresser.

I dye my bangs/fringe a different color from my hawk every time I re-dye. I just keep the colors separate as I dye/rinse. Splitting your hawk down the middle to color is one of most difficult ways to add more then one color, for your first time I would suggest splitting it front and back instead to get the hang of it. It would help if you had someone to help you as you rinse to keep the colors separate. lighter colors on top and darker on the bottom are recommended so the darker color doesn't run into the lighter color. Separating the colors when washing is the best way to keep them from mixing and you will have to dry them separately as well.

I usually try to pick colors that don't look bad together so I don't have to worry about keeping them separate after the initial wash. I just let them do their thing! Hope this helps, good luck and have fun with it!


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