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I'm sick of my gnarly roots making my hawk look smaller. I'm also sick of my ginger hawk.
But I'm not 100% sure on how to dye it...

I was thinking black hawk with blonde and leopard print sides, kind of over done, but it would most likely look pretty legit...

What else could I do, and pull off?

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Becausse I don't think I could make that look good. haha
I'm not skilled enoguh
blond sides with black leopard print and blond hawk with black streaks goin up
Definately plaid.

Perfect for doing leopard print.
Ive only done it once and it came out pretty rad. My sides were a little short and it mostly dyed the side of my head, but still rad.
Well I did it and i think it looks pretty sick, but have yet to put it up or take any real pictures of it, haha.


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