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I had my ears at a 6g until my left ear got I took them out like the right thing to do. But at the time I didn't really know how to take care of them properly. So any tips would be great. Especially you guys who had them stretched or have had them for a while. Soo I would be greatful for any tips to help a somewhat new stretcher!

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If you have sensitive ears go slow and clean with warm salt water. I never took mine out when they were infected, just cleaned often until they were healed again. I have mine at 0g and I jumped a lot to get them there but I don't have sensitive ears, I heal up pretty quick and have a high pain tolerance. If they are all healed up again then start over, leave plenty of time to heal in between sizes, don't play with/touch them, only touch them with CLEAN hands, and clean often with warm salt water. Good luck!


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