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I got my ears pierced today!  I have blue 6mm balls in them now.  Anyone no ware to get some kool  studs and stuff?  OR EVEN DIY!


I like the colors and guys stuff.


P.s. Do gaugese hurt, for down the road?



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well, i personally make my own and sometimes sell em to people at school if they really want em..... but if your not up to it, i would say would be your best bet, its all homemade stuff, and you can find some really great stuff!
I just found out that i think i got a 14 or 12 gauge. I cant tell though. how do i find out? It is just a piercing, but you have to know how big it is for earrrings.
I can recommend polymer clay. You can make everything from chains and studs(most of my studs are made from it) to smaller jewelery and gauges. With some practice and tools you'll be an unstoppable jewelmaking machine-monster! You can also try silver clay but it's much harder to use, so go buy some tools (wooden tools shouldn't cost over 6 dollars), clay and go watch some tutorials on Youtube to get started :)
how do you attach the polymer studs to clothing? Glue?
I first pierced my ear at 15 with a safety pin. Left that to heal after a bit, started stretching my ears at 18, stretched up to 14mm (apparently 00gage is 10mm, we don't use that system over here). I had to take them out so I can get a (proper) job last July and they're nearly completely closed now, the whole "if you go bigger than 10mm it'll never go back" is total bullshit, if you stretch properly and slowly and take them out before you're like 80 it'll be fine.

Stretching doesn't hurt much at all, it might sting a little, but that's it.
but how do i find out what gauge they pierces it at?
ask them where they pierced you.
Does anyone ever worry about piercings getting ripped out at shows?
it is more then likely the stanard gauge for ears, that is either an 18 or 20. if you got them done some where just call them and ask what size they used.


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