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Elitist asses on this website are starting to piss me off. No, to answer your first question, I'm not a troll, but when someone has a 4 inch 'hawk and someone calls them a fag because theirs is slightly bigger, it really gets my goat. And I also take note to the fact that most people calling others inadequate or gay on this site are the ones wit the worst grammar of them all. I just had to point that out. And I can almost guarantee it that one person is going to come out and say "ahah ur a fag cuz u dont now how to do shyt wen it cumz to mohhax".

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I'm hoping that was a joke.
Hoping what I said was a joke or what Skunk said?
dude you look like you have a used tampon on your head
I'm hoping that was a joke.
It has to be, unless James uses 7 inch spiked yellow tampons. Hey, terror, nice 'hawk by the way.
I'm hoping that everything we said on here was a joke.
yay for wikipasta
Did any of that full page of information have any relevancy to the topic?
ahah ur a fag cuz u dont now how to do shyt wen it cumz to mohhax
I agree with the points about some folk being elitist on the site over what your mohawk should be to fit in with their world view of one.

It's immature when it's neither important nor anything to do with them and they should follow the old adage: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything."
wow. this thread is a waste. and honestly, i haven't seen any elitist assholes on this site when it comes to mohawks. And when i first opened this thread, i thought it was going to be music based.
Seriously? Who the hell is elitist about mohawks? There is no "correct" mohawk, or way of styling a mohawk. Everyone started out somewhere with their hawk, whether they started with long, short, uneven, or fucked up hair. Who gives a flying fuck, it's a goddamn mohawk.
By the way, calling someone's mohawk, shit, ugly, stupid, crap, uneven, or vice-versa, doesn't make you a bad person, because more than likely that is your honest opinion, and/or you're pointing out the truth, but you could just be being an asshole, or even a nice person telling someone they should try a lil harder at making a better mohawk.


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