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So, it's the End of the World (again) today!  (This happens every so often...)


If it really were - what do you regret?

Is there something you wish you had tried or done? 

Someone you never got to know/meet?

Somewhere you wish you'd visited?

Or something about yourself you wish you had tried to be better at?

Anything else?


Discuss! (Perhaps even past midnight today! haha =)

And Remember, DON'T PANIC!

Here's a handy pocket guide to the many End of the World and Judgement Days that have passed:


The number of revised dates(by many different folk over history) for it is hilarious!

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Well, we all have regrets....but we can only live one day at a time, so if we reach the final day and a person is full of regrets, then obviously you haven't been living your life to its best each day. If when you reach the last day of the world, and let's say you have a regret for yelling at someone, then you shouldn't have yelled at that person in the first place, or at least you should have apologized shortly thereafter. 

As my Dad always used to say, "We all make our beds and have to sleep in them", so for me if it's the last day today, then I will be judged for my life as it is today....can't change what I did, and any regrets I have today, I should have dealt with long ago. Am I worthy to be welcomed into His Kingdom? Probably not, but He is the one that is our final Judge......and he has a lot of forgiveness so it's never too late to fix our wrongs. 

If today is the last day, then I just want to thank everyone here at Mohawks Rock for all their help with my Hawk and also my personal questions and needs. We are really like a Family, and if one person is going thru a bad time, we all feel for him/her. Special thanks to Kobalos, Angela, Jae, Milly, Lorelei, and everyone at MR for helping me and continuing to help me with my Hawk and my life in general. Facebook, eat your heart out, cause you will never reach the level of MR! 

Good luck everyone...and hopefully i will see you tomorrow..either here or up there. :-)

I hoped to get more of a real, personal level, rather than preaching about particular belief systems or why & if you should have regrets.  Hence the questions.


So, the topic is what (in particular) you haven't done or would do differently in the future that you haven't? that case, I wish I would have been able to meet with you Kobalos and see the UK. :-)

Anywhere or anything in particular in the UK that interests?

Well, you have those high speed trains there correct? And you have "pubs" there....some of them sound awesome. And you drive on the left side....I have never driven on the left side before....and you have the high speed freeways right? Like 200km/h or something? What do you recommend for me to see? :-)

Pubs are over-rated and expensive!  I think you're thinking on somewhere else - don't think we are allowed to go over 70mph(113km/h) on the motorway.


I'd recommend seeing the castles & old towns - if that sort of thing appeals. :)

Really? How much is a beer there? In Canada we are at $4.75 for a beer, with some places pushing $5.00. 

The fastest we are allowed to go on a twinned highway is 110km/h.

Castles would definitely be cool.....what do you guys do with the castles? People actually own them and live in them? 

lol I have no idea - I don't drink alcohol. =] Sorry!  I'd guess around $8~$9.


Some do, in the better ones, the other ones are I think mostly are just used for tourists to visit.

You mean $8.00-$9.00 a beer in Canadian funds? I thought Canada was one of the highest? 

So are most of the buildings in the UK built of stone? Here in Canada, there are virtually no stone buildings....everything is of 2x6 wood stud construction. Average size of a home here nowadays is about 1600 square feet. 

I'm converting the cost to USD, so I guess it's pretty near the same in Canada?  Maybe it was just an expensive pub I met up with an old friend a few years ago and bought them a couple pints at that cost...


Yes, they are - most new houses though are made of bricks.  I don't really know the size of homes here - probably fairly small considering the number they like to pack into a new development.  Though we normally have small to reasonable gardens with each property.

This is very disappointing this morning - another belief proved wrong - when will humans learn to believe in reality and not old writings.  It really shows how wrong people are to still spout doom & judgement prophecies.


Still, that doesn't mean you can't think about what you want to do for the future - come on, you're alive out there today right? =)

Well Kobalos, people have this insatiable need to be correct....they always want to be able to say "See, I told you so". There is nothing wrong with being incorrect sometimes either.....I am incorrect lots of times and far from perfect. Funny thing in this particular case is that if a person actually was correct, there wouldn't be anyone left to tell you that you were correct anyway, so where would the satisfaction be? 

Yes, I am alive today, and it's almost Xmas, and life is are right, we can still look forward to the future! :-)


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