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is it me or has anyone else found themselves addicted to energy drinks I know its not healthy but I can't help it monster drinks are on sale at exxon 2 for 3 bucks lol

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I'm a coffee monster, the only time I ever drink Red Bull is if someone bombs a Jagermeister in it for me :o)

I'm a coffee addict. I'm trying to switch it with a healthier tea, but I'm doing good about cutting back.

Ive never really liked energy drinks, they are just bad and give me a little pep for an hour then I'm pooped.

Yea its a horrible cycle, once you start drinking them you crash so you drink another one to get your energy back up then when your body dosnt have them anymore you crash harder so you drink even more >.<
I personally hate energy drinks i think they taste nasty and they dont do anything for me.
same here, all my friends acted like its orgasm in a can, had the same effect as water soaked with stale gummie bears
Ditto, monster is the worst. I don't know how anyone can drink it, it smells like chemicals..

Allot of people can't believe I can't stand the taste of energy drinks.

I'm not exactly the foremost authority on taste or anything. My diet as a youngster consisted mainly of play dough, I always though red= strawberries, green= watermelon, blue= blue berries, brown... I steered clear of brown

Lol! That's kind of adorable :p
Red Bull is my poison of choice, also the new pink Rockstars are really good. sometimes they are the only thing that gets me through sundays. . .
ok,,,after about a week on venom and monster drinks I think i'm done they hurt my stomach  I can't even finish a whole can anymore,,I feel like upchucking my breakfast thinking about them,,,so note to all''even though we all knew this'' energy drinks are bad for you,lol and to many is even worse
coffee smells bad and tastes bad.. so nobody should drink it


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