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I see alot of threads that are about people being negative toward your hair, but what about all those cool moments you can get only by having a mohawk?


I was waiting at an intersection, sunroof open, and my hawk sticking out.

The giggling old man in the car beside me was pointing at my hair, giving the thumbs up and giggling.

I waved back.

He didn't notice the light turn green, and the guy behind him almost hit him and he got honked to death.



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I had an old lady go "what are you supposed to be?" "AUTOBOT!"

i had a mother shield her kids eyes as i was walking by. then again i was walking past a church with a shirt that said "jesus is a cunt" im not sure if it was the shirt or the hair but id like to think it was the hair

Was totally the hair man...

Parents cannot deny the truth... XD

I was going into seven eleven when this Asian lady was looking at me smiling and walked dead smack into a red box video rental machine,,,like really hard lol

holy smokes hahaha


haha ouch!!! :D
Haha if I would have been walking when I saw my first mohawk in person I would have done the same thing. I was in OKC when i was like 11 or 12 and was in teh car with my dad, we drove by this guy who had a one footer and I didn't look back infront of me until he was completely out of sight. Lol.
i just used to get a loottta compliments on hawk othing negtive
Um . . .one day i was with my brothers on the sloping hill in our estate, and this little 3 year old boy walks along, sees my hair in spikes, and gets really nervous- when i stepped towards him, he ran away, but then he kept on coming back, it was like a game for him, and i was playing along. But then when i wasn't looking, and i was sitting down on a bench with my back facing him, he got this big handful of freshly cut grass, and forcefully threw it into my hair!!!- that was hilarious at the time . . .
I go to a really preppy shitty school full of clones that feed off social standing & their parent's money, so I kinda stick out. This year they've got the photographers in to get pictures for next year's prospectus & their job is to get as many 'cool' and 'popular' things in their photos as possible and so to highlight the *ahem* HUGE diversity at the college they were following me around trying to get photos of me, so I walked around with my pants & trousers down. So if they want to use me to advertise, they gotta use my dick & arse too.
I used to bike with my mohawk up everyday on the main road where I live and I would always see this mother and her son. One day I decided to go on the local train and surprisingly saw them there, and her son had a mohawk. She started talking to me about how her son looked up to me even though he didn't know me and wanted a mohawk. So she shaved his head and all. :) I feel like I did a good deed hahah.


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