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Anybody out there ever had problems with family or friends because of your hair? If yes, what happened?

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Well asian parents are all like







All it took was time, and all this stuff stopped, cause they love me. They are just afraid, and fear makes people irrational.


But this same relative has a bong on display from a present, and helped teach Chinese to white people to open up the North America to the west. One of the few Asian grandmas that appreciates a good beer now and then lol.

You can teach old people new stuff but you can never change the way they think.

Give them hugs and tell them it's okay. 


I love doing rants while intoxicated.

I lol'ed

I lol'd as well.

You devil child!

Amazing, and very similar to my experience with my dad lol

"They are just afraid, and fear makes people irrational."


Great great GREAT statement.

At first my parents didn't like it at all, my dad even told me that I looked like shit, and he never talks to me in that way. But now they're rather used to it, and they know they can't do anything about it. Besides, they love me, and just want me to be happy in the end, and I'm happy like this. :)))


But I never had problems with my friends. When I started out changing my looks, I only had one really close girl friend, and she did the exact same thing as me, so instead of problems, we supported each other. :))


 The only time I had problems is that one time I completely shaved my head and eyebrows.. I must have thought the cennobite look was for me.


 Mom freaked. the. fuck. out. I made her cry.


 Dad laughed, but changed his tone upon observing mom's devastation.


 Alot of people stopped talking to me in that period... yay..

My mom freaked out and cried too.


AND my dad also laughed and shrugged his shoulders. His opinion was not affected by my moms because they are split.

When I first asked my dad if I could get a Mohawk he told me that if I did he would kick me out. He hated the way I dressed and looked and he was embarrassed of me, he felt that my appearance reflected on him as a father and people would think he raised me wrong. I, of course, got my hawk anyway and while he didn't kick me out he didn't talk to me for 3 days and then he did nothing but make fun of me for months. Overtime he grew to realize that the way I looked didn't change me, it didn't make me a bad person, it didn't make him a bad father and he learned to enjoy it. He eventually even shaved my head for me a few times. Overall my hair made my dad a better person.. And that makes me happy.
wow that's awesome! lol well not the bad parts obviously XD
I think what we might take from this is that even 'rents can learn. I sounds that you already had a good relationship with your dad, which is great to begin with. Some (many) parents won't be like this. It's important to remember that their issues which make them as they are are not of your making. Their responses to you may be honest parenting by considered decision, or they may very well may be symptomatic reactions to you based on their unrealistic fears, bias, or even pathologies which haven't been identified or addressed, and which really have nothing to do with you as a person. Some kids may get this, but others may not, which is why I raise the point.
BTW, your comment about your hair making your dad a better person is brilliant. Props to you on that.


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