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Anybody out there ever had problems with family or friends because of your hair? If yes, what happened?

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Fuck yeah. Always good to see people come around.
i told my mom i wanted a hawk and she didnt care. even likes it half the time. its a confidence builder. she even gave me my first hawk
Same, I used to shave my head, so when I decided to grow my hair into a 'hawk (or just have hair at all, really) my mom was ecstatic

finally somebody with the same parental reaction haha


my mom's philosophy: "hair grows"
my dad's a biker type so of course he doesn't care.

My grandfather though...he thinks something is wrong with me. There's a huge generational gap that doesn't seem like it can be bridged. I'm thinking of dying it soon and am heavily considering a few piercings and tattoos, both of which are taboo to him. these are all things I WILL be doing, and while the tats are easier to cover up, the hair and piercings will probably much more noticeable. So I'm trying to figure out a way to tell him I"ll be doing these things with out getting written out of the will. lol

other than that, most of the curious looks I get are from the aged, and the uber conservative types, but I don't give a fuck about them.

yeah i'm kinda the same way about my grandfather. love him to death but he's like old school and Cajun and has a very narrow mind when it comes to looks, especially on girls and most especially on me. Plus, he's really sick with emphezyma (sp?) and I have a hard time with the idea of making him disappointed in me when he has so little time left, y'know? Idk


probs with the fam, tons. but i don't think my hair has anything to do with it lol. well maybe, i don't know at this point.

no problems with my mom tho. when i told her i wanted a mohawk she said. "ok. if u don't like it, it will always grow back. and atleast u'll get it out of ur system." personaly i think she really likes it. likes showing me off to her friends. having people freak out and say i'm a bad kid or something so she can be like "oh no. she's a great daughter. no problems what so ever." the clothes she's a bit less enthusiastic about. but her attitude is "well if you like em."

lol actualy today i told her i felt like a hooker in my fishnets before i put my docs on and she was like "yea you do look like a hooker, but i like the shirt."

uhhh, no actually when I got a hawk years ago they were just like ''oh'' T got a mohawk,,oh,lol  it was already expected of me to do some shit like that,they weren't surprised because I have always had the grunge rocker image since like 93 lol
im only 17 right now, but when i was 16 in my last year of school, the teachers repeatedly sent me home because my hair was red or blue or whatever, and then when i got to sixth form they didnt mind the blue hair, so i got a mohawk, and they started repeatedly sending me home again, so now i have to have a blonde one and i cant stick it up till after 3 :L

Oh, just the typical everyday threat from my whore of a mother explaining how extreme my hair is, and that ''even a 1 inch mohawk is extreme!"




says the half plastic wench.

I have lots of problems with the family. My mom kept ignoring me asking if I could get a mohawk until she had a little to drink, then took me to the salon. Ever since then my little sister has been helping me with the mohawk. I'm a trouble maker, so whenever I get into a lot of trouble they take my clothes that look rebellious. Not too long ago they threw away all my shit and my mom made me dye my hair brown( it was purple and blonde ). Now I look normal, except for my hawk, even if it is down. I'm just going to make my hawk REALLY long and not put it up. My dad doesn't really care, except for me wearing make up and skinny jeans. He'll say I look like shit and stuff, but he just insults to insult.

yeah i understand. My mom still tries to make me change clothes before we go anywhere even though I'm 19 and don't live with her anymore! lol the outfit that pisses her off the most is my baggy jeans that I obliterated with a steak knife and my cut up Sex Pistols shirt, but I wear it all the time lol poor mom. But hey, its hot as fuck out here in Texas right now, those jeans are the coolest, most ventilated pants that exist today! ;D



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