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Anybody out there ever had problems with family or friends because of your hair? If yes, what happened?

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my mum hated the idea of me having a mohawk, but then I got kicked out and moved in with my aunts, and they let me get one.

My grandma hates me having it and said if it turns out i'm gay she won't love me as much, because I already look like a guy.

Its quite entertaining. I like pissing off grandma. :D

i just get a lot of awkward looks and "oh...thats interesting"s from aunts and uncles. When I first started to spike my hair up my grandpa felt he needed to tell me that he will always love me no matter what my hair looks like. My dad's not around much but when he saw a picture of me he tried to get me to cut it off. Mom was all for it though.
My girlfriend's friends are constantly trying to convince her to dump me. They all hate me and say I'm a freak. But thats ok, cuz theyre all bitches and asswhipes.
For me I've not been able to wear a traditional hawk despite the fact that's what I want. I am about to finally do it though. When I told my mom she basically bitched at me about it. I expected her to say what she said. "If you want to go the rest of your life without a job, no one will hire you. Maybe a place like McDonalds but no good paying job or office job will hire anyone with a mohawk ever. You'll be cutting yourself to the streets" I tried to informing her of some of you people here, she didn't listen. She just went on about how you don't see anyone in our town with mohawks working. I tried informing her of the fact that when she's not shopping or working she's home on the computer or in bed and that she's not been to every business in our town. She also mentioned about how people with pericings in their face and tattoos and big ears can't get jobs either. Here is one thing she always does which is contradicting herself. I have all three of those and all the jobs i've ever had i've had those before i got hired AND have been one of the company's best and favorites workers. And ontop of that I have many friends with 1 + in gauges, tats, weird hair, etc with high dollar jobs. Hell, this guy i used to know back when I played with (not in the band just on the same show) hardcore bands was the vocalist of one of them and he has full sleeves, 1.5 in ears, and he's a nurse in a hospital. My mom doesn't seem to be able to get past her radically conservative views to understand that. I explained to her before she said a thing that I'll be buying a wig for work. One thing about my mom is that if she gets outsmarted, there is a solution to something she didn't believe existed, or if she gets corrected she likes to either get really aggressive or she just completely ignores it. All she said about the wig was that I can't afford one (in between jobs).

So now once I get that wig and the hair on the back of my head grows out a little bit more i'll be grabbing my clippers and taking the final jump. I'll be 21 soon so I want to have my first legal drink with a hawk, I'm not even a drinker either.

Once I have it for awhile and she sees i'm working a steady job with a mohawk I'm sure she'll come around. I doubt she'll ever actually like it but despite how far to the right she is she's still a "it's your body" kind of person. She just lets me know she doesn't like it.

My mom cried.

My dad likes to walk behind me when I go out in public to observe peoples reaction to my hair.

My Grandma said that god frowns upon me.

My mom then gave me the talk about how if I'm lesbian she will still love me and I should just come out. Apparently mohawks are the new symbol of lesbian power.

My brother refuses to go out in public with me.

A bunch of my friends stopped talking to me.



Mom didn't care.

Dad bitches me out all the time. He thinks I won't be able to have friends or a girlfriend with it. He wants me to grow my hair long to my shoulders like it used to be, because he has always been a big hippy with long hair. He always says really horrible things to me about it, which has driven me to the point of cutting it off a few times. Then he harasses me because I have a buzzcut/short hair for a while. Im a guy by the way.

Anymore, I just do whatever I want with my hair and I wear it down and tucked up into a hat whenever Im around him. Still says things about it all the time but it's toned down a little bit because he knows that Im not going to do what he wants. It makes me feel better to wear the hat though, like I have a sense of power over his insults or something. Haha. :)

After I got in trouble with the law my mother hid the hair clippers from me and is trying to convince me that it looks horrible. So, right now I'm trying to figure out a way to get the sides short without them being uneven or completely bald. I might just borrow my friends.


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