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A 3 days ago I went over her house when we were still dating, and I let her shave the sides of my head, and I didnt find out until now that she shaved some parts out of the back of my hawk. then the day after I went over her house she broke up with me. Now i know why, but anyways how do you think I could fix it?? Help?

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your telling me!!
Thats inhuman - fucking up a mohawk is a no-no. >:
very inhuman
Wow that really fucking sucks what a bitch move  and even if she didn't mean to she didn't even fucking tell you or say sorry.  sometimes people fuck up my hawk but eh  as long as its not totally crooked im okay
well at least noone can tell if its lazy but everyone can tell if its put up, its like two chunks are gone! Yea i would have been less angry if she told me and apologized before hand , but since she didnt do that and breaks up with me the next day, it seems like it was malicious act against the hawk!
you should cut a chunk of her hair out, "now ere even!"
i want to! Id really like to put the law eye for an eye in motion here ha
I just do it myself. I take packing tape, run it across my head so it covers what I don't want to shave, and shave everywhere the tape isn't. I let my husband help last night, but only the tiniest bit, I like doing it on my own, because then I can say I did it on my own, and don't run into this problem.

If you decide to do this, stick the packing tape to carpet first. I know it's gross sounding to get all that cat hair and dirt and whatever on your head, but it's better than pulling hair out with it, and it's not like you won't need to shower after anyway. NEVER USE DUCT TAPE.
hmmm nice idea lol i just have to get packing tape
I might give that a try. I know I've got loads of little cuts and notches in my hair from doing it myself.
Wal Mart, like two dollars. It's amazing stuff, comes in handy often.
sucks that my mirror broke, i was doing good with that


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