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im hoping to shave my head into a chelsea hawk this summer, then grow it into being a chelsea-tri-hawk. however, i still live with parents, who hate it when i cut my own hair. (which is the only way i ever get a hair cut.)  If i do that, it will sadly be about the ultimate "fuck you" to my do you deal with bitchy mothers and snobby brothers who can make your life hell?

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know what? Youre right. I dont apreciate you calling her a little shit, but ive taken it too far. My bad.

cool. glad thats out of the way. 

once words are said they can't be taken back. I already owned up to being a bitch, other than that there's not much else I can do.   

yeah, i guess its more about whether or not i respect who i am, and if they do.  but i guess this whole question is rather personal, based off of what your family's like.

@Robert: youre a fucking idiot. She asked for an opinion and she got it. Yeah thats fine. The question was should i wait 'til I move out or should I cut my hair now? The opinion given was that she should wait because it was disrespectful to her parents. THATS FUCKING FINE. But she was also called a little shit. That was entirely uncalled for and Boogle only said it to be a bitch. Stop trying to prove yourself by attempting to seem better than people over the mother fucking internet. Yeah you do have a right to bitch at people, but you do it too fucking much. At a point it stops being bitching at people b ecuase you can, and it becomes who you are. Youre a little bitch. Thats all you are.

oh wow whats with all the fighting? sonny dear, thank you, and thank you to everyone else who posted their opinion on one side or another. and i agree, clothing and hair doesnt singularly define a person, but it does help, and plus its mostly about comfort. i dont like feeling girly or exposed, so i dont tend to wear skirts.  my hair is brown but my mother used to bleach it so my friends called me the blonde of the group, so now i want to dye my hair so people stop labeling me that way. its about comfort and self expression. the whole reason i posted this was to get people opinion, which obviously has been given, to help me decide between living my life for me, or for other people. that doesnt make me selfish, i love and respect my family and they know it. but i feel sometimes it is nesacary to draw a line between what they have a right over and what i do. it is my life after all. and everyone stop insulting evrybody else. everyone is going to have different opinions everywhere you go, just try to learn to respect them unless they are seriously hurtting others. if you insult someone there bound to do it back, just a fact.


and sorry about the text color, but is it REALLY that big of a deal?

lol, i may be young, but that dont mean im completely incapable of deep thought. ;)

I think the problem with the text colour being green is for people with CRT monitors - it really does shimmer on those.

Back on topic: You can only really explain it to them - they probably will not get it and yes, it'll probably cause a lot of arguments/snide remarks.  I don't know your situation well enough, but for me, I believe now a lot of it was them being protective of me and also distaste for something they weren't used to seeing on me.


After many years, it all died down - but yeah, sometimes you have to fight your corner, but try to use reason in it and keep calm.  At the end of the day, for me, ultimately it was all about what I felt comfortable looking like and also being myself for me.  Not to show off (as my Dad and brother used to think), it was really just a haircut I like having and it makes me feel confident and good.  I enjoy having a mohawk, but it's really only about what I like. :)

okay, im giving this one more shot with a run through my filter. 

1. I had problems with my parents when it came to crazy hair, pretty sure in 3rd grade i wanted a blue mohawk, nose ring, and a leather jacket. certainly my parents weren't going to let that happen. So yes, i've been there. 
3. i waited to cut/dye my hair when i got out of my parents house. sure there were times that my mom and i could come to some agreement like letting me put a black streak in my hair or whatever but we both made the agreement that i could do whatever i wanted once i left the house. 
4.  once i dyed my hair and got my mohawk my parents flipped. idk i guess they didnt think i was actually going to do it. so yeah you're going to get some shit, prepare for it cause its not fun... but eventually your family will mellow out. 

looking back im glad i waited till i moved out, by getting a mohawk under my parents roof i was just going to create more fights and drama and my relationship with my parents is rocky enough as it is. If by some reason i stopped talking to my parents, or got kicked out of my house over a hair cut i'd feel like a spoiled little shit... because bottom line its just hair. 
you have several years to have a mohawk after you move out, and jobs really as big of a deal as others say if you save up some money for a nice wig.

I think if you decide to wait, there are other ways to express yourself and your style without getting a mohawk. you can modify your clothing, style your hair with braids/thread/beads/dreads and there are cool edgy haircuts out there that you and your family could try to agree on that aren't mohawks. 

yes, i keep pictures of saved hairstyles, and if you're interested I could post them in here.  

yeah, ive done braids. i love having dozens of little braids in my hair, then weaving them through pop can tabs ( cause im obsessed with those little pieces of aluminum), but my mama thinks it looks trashy and grundgy..which in my opinion is slightly a compliment, but all off tpic now.

never even thought about pop can tabs!!! thats a cool idea. 

I can read the color just fine :)


I come from a hardcore catholic (mexicans to be exact lol) family.......and my mother always told me "the most beautiful part of a women is their long hair", sooooooo after years of with my long, gross, curly, hair, i finally shaved it :) i always had purple in my hair, since 7th grade i think, But it was not to piss my parents off, to me, it was for comfort. And i kinda wanted to prove to my mom that people will still like you if you no matter what you look like. At 1st i got yelled at, threatend, etc, but now my dad can give a rats ass, and my mom doesnt really notice. they got use to it.

Im from compaton, CA, and oddly enough my family there (an aunt and her kids) LOVED what i did and supported me.

Work on the other hand....well its still a bit hard. I LOVE my job, i love being the lead person, etc. I love the respect that my clients give me. But my boss was not to happy with me shaving designs into my head, etc, so i must wear a hat. One day my number one client, an older lady, asked me "Marily, why are you wearing a hat? you said you hated hats? can i see your hair dear?"  i was scared....i didnt want to loose i stepped out of my comfort zone and said "Yeah i will show you my hair, sorry its store policy to wear hats if you have crazy hair" so i showed her and she LOVED it! even now when i go out, little old ladies will stop me and say "your hair is beautiful!"

so its an everyday thing for me :)

like i said, my parents have gotten use to it.

sorry if this is typed up all fast and what not, im trying to do a million other things at the same time.

Oh my gosh yes I deal with the same thing I want to get my hair dyed purple but the thing worse than living with your parents is that I live with my grandparents so the generation gap is worse so you can see how that ended when I asked them if I could dye it purple


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