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i usualy get this with my hawk , the front is always more fanned than the back and i get more gaps at the back ...what methods can i use to fan it all out evenly ? and what products can i use to spike it ?? right now im using l'oreal studio indestructible glue ,a hair dryer and comb

please comment

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My method worsk perfectly for me. Get a towel and before you doa nything at all rub your hair with it. This will get it staticy which is what you want. Then lean over and apply a smal coat to all foyur hair, while leaning over rub it into the shape you want. After you get that done hold up the section want then use the normal method. I don't even us ea comb, to much hassle. Mine looks great everyday.
ok thanks for the info
ill try that method :D what prduct do you use ???
Suave hairspray 8 hold. It is felxable and stays up for a few days if you fix it up in the morning. I usually carrya round a beanie with me jsut in case it rains or the wind gets to fast. This stuff coems out easily with heat or pressure. Which is why the beanie works to keep it nice afterwords. Rubs it all out basically.


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