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hey so my hair is getting to be about a foot long and im looking for a method to put up my mohawk that doesnt take too long to do or will at least last me for a few days. anyone able to help me out?

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Hey Ben....I don't really know if there is an actual "fast" way to put up a Hawk. A Hawk is considered a high maintenance style to be honest, especially when they get to be longer than about 2 or 3 inches. Here is a method I have posted in the past.....generally you are looking at between 15 minutes to a half hour on average to get a Hawk like yours up.....but once you have it up, you can go three days, maybe four on the outside before you need to wash it out and redo it. Just have to sleep on your side. Here is what I do:

Try using Got2B Freezing Spray.....start with washed, dry hair.....then take a comb and starting at the front or back, doesn't really matter.....lift one side of the Hawk with the comb and spray it with freezing spray, mostly at the roots. Then lift it up with the comb and out. Do the same on the other side so it starts to stand up a bit. Now do it again, bit of spray, and then lift it up and out with the comb, then hold it there with the comb, and take a blow dryer and just give it a bit heat to "lock" the freezing spray into place. Switch to the other side and do the same again. Get your whole Hawk up like this and then redo any small gaps you might have till you get it right, now take some extra hold hair spray, like a #5, and spray it all over your Hawk and take your hands and just fine tune the tips and such. It takes practice, but you will get onto it. Hawks are funny....some days they just go up so nicely with hardly any problems, and the next time you fuss with them for twice as long as usual, and never do get it quite the way you want it. You will find that on the second day when you wake up with your Hawk, take a wide spaced comb or roller brush, and just lightly go thru your hawk with them, and respray it with hairspray, that it usually will look best after that on the second day. You can generally go up to three days with a Hawk before you need to wash it out and redo it cause your scalp will start to itch. Let me know how you make out! :-)


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