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Last night I found a cardboard bum sign outside foodMax where two normally sleep. It said "ALLEN /will do EVERYTHING/ $20"

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I did this for a Murder Junkies show. Mohawk half done
There it is = )
i like that one ^___^
Oh I also remembered spare some change Obama promised me change but I haven't gotten it yet
"No Coin, No Cash, No Cocktails, No Tit, You got some to spare?"
my friend used to have a sign that said "aliens are trying to read my thoughts. spare change for tinfoil hats."
out here they said fuck the signs,,they just stand in the middle of traffic and wait for a red light then go car to car,,or they stand by the fucking parkway entrance toll boths with a cup so its like pay your toll and pay them for standing there ,,they dont even ask they just hold the cup up ,some of them are really just hungry while others need their hit,,i can tell the diifrence i help the ones that i know are really hungry
"Faimly kidnapped by ninjas, need money for Karate lessons"
:) this one sign made me happy. "I bet you $5 you masturbate"
A lot of them are in french where I live, so I dont understand the majority of them.
I did see two kids around my age when I was out with a friend. The sign said something along the lines of " Zombie apocalypse is coming, need money for a chainsaw." As far as I can recall, thats been my favorite.
I see a lot of them outright asking for money for weed or booze. I like their honestly, however I do feel they should have been a bit more creative with it. If I am going to be giving you money to support your habit, make me chuckle at least.
Oh signs. There was one hanging on the wall at Side Door in Calgary (I don't even know if that place still exists), it said something like, "Girlfriend dumped me. Spare change to get Britney Spear outfit and Flock Of Seagulls hair cut make-over".

Personally, I always had, "Broke and Ugly. Anything helps/ Ugly and out of luck Anything helps."

Personal favourites: "Will eat for food" and "Help out the dumb and useless".


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