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What's your favourite movie? And if it's too hard to decide, then list your top 5 (or 10) favourite movies. My top five at the moment are Psycho (1960), Invasion of the body snatchers, This is england, The crow, and The birds

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Sounds good to me :)

Hmm ... I havn't seen any of those films except for Zombieland. I must admit, it is a great film, but there are so many better zombie films out there :)

My top 5 are:

The Fifth Element.

The Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of The Ring.


This is England (nowt to do with it being locally-ish made)

Role Models.

ANd my favorite docu-movie is The Other F Word, great piece of filming about Punk and raising a family.

 I saw 'hesher' a little while ago. That 'un's worth checking out.

Im a action war kind of guy mostly

The Expendables, Dark Knight movies, Big Lebowski, Snatch, Bronson, Rampage, Platoon, Bad Boys (sean penn one)


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