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So I have wanted to try out some sort of hawk for along time but my ex thought it was stupid so I didnt bother. Now im with someone that dosnt care as long as im happy but now im at a loss for what would look good on sister always told me I look bad with bangs but I want some sort of bangs to keep a girlish look, but i have seen cute pictures with short bangs in the front but long on the sides, or just long bangs all around but parted to the sides. oh and i suck at most girl type styling so is it hard to maintain a decent look with a hawk up or down....*sigh* i should probably just shut up and do it lol its just hair i suppose. 

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thats what i did....messed around with it last night got part of it up...

having some issues getting it to fan like I want it...but I have only put it up twice so I'm gonna just have to keep messing with it. I got the g2b freeze spray and gel. I can get the top up alright but the back is a bitch lol 

If it helps- I find using the right back combing comb/brush helps. Ideally a three rowed comb (pocket combs) are best. If you don't have one take 3 regular combs and hold them together while you back comb (tighter the comb teeth the better). I usually start in my front. Taking half inch to an inch sections back comb up. You can then lace the sections together on the sides. Spray just a little hairspray as you lace. Once you have the hawk "mostly" put together you can then do a good all over spray. Wait a few moment to let it dry then layer again and again until its standing sturdy- use your hands to push it together amd up, if you have a kinkle in hair pick at it with a comb until its workable). The trick is to not let it get too wet or else it will buckle. I then use a strong gel or preferably clear elmers glue (the white kind looks something about mary-ish) draw a few squiggles across your fingers. Rub the small amount of glue on your hands. Starting from base move up the hawk lightly so as to not over saturate it.
I'm a licensed cosmetologist who has been hawking for just over 10 years. I hope some of these tricks help you! Ill try to make a video for you tube bc people put waaaaay to much time into it. It used to take me 45 minutes. Now my best time to get it up is 2 min 43 seconds lol. But if I can save people time I'd love to help.
Best luck hun and enjoy to versatility of your new do!

Thanks! I know I used way to much spray and gel but I wasnted to make sure it stayed up but then there was so much stuff in it I couldnt get it to seperate without falling apart >.< If you make a video I will deff. watch it...probably watch it more then once and then make my husband watch it to make sure he can help me lol but I found I like wearing it down more then I thought I would as well for the days I dont have time or energy to mess with it. 


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