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Lets see them! :D


Here's mine: The face is my Godmother/Aunt. She's my inspiration for life. and I'm Filipina so the ocean scene is symbolic for the islands. It covers a large portion of my back. 9 hours total. Done by Randy at Dark Star in Salem, OR



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SWeet! Im likinh the color.
That's great!
Thank you guys! I'm really proud to have this and my Auntie loves it. She doesn't remember I have it--she has dymensia--so everytime she sees it she says how pretty the "painting" on my back is.

What were your first tats? Or planning to be first tat?
Such a beautiful piece...your back is one of your best canvases due to the space, always nice to see one done well. My first was part of a design I had come up with for an album cover that fell through but still loved. I poorly drew a solid version of it on while drunk in class and got it inked that night. Yay for Liberty being janky...


Rough sketch of the inspiration for it:

I love solid color tats. This looks great! And I love your scar too. :D I have little scars all over due to body acne. :/
Yeah, ended up getting it touched up recently so it looks a lot better. Haha thanks....the scar actually goes all the way up to my elbow, went of the edge of a loft in a wrestling match me and a friend ended up in jokingly when he pretended to be upset about a girl beating him at Soul Caliber. Another night of fun, another mark to tell its story.
haha sounds fun to me. :D
Yeah, them and my tattoos serve as two different forms of a scrapbook and lessons learned. It's fun to look down and think of the stories behind them.
Heh here's my first tattoo

dodgy as fuck. It was a homejob experiment with a needle, some thread and tat ink. probly not the smartest idea, but I still like it, as poorly done as it is. It was meant to say "free" (the word is kinda able to be read), to symbolize my lifestyle and ideals.
I really like the colours on it, pretty unique combined with the black/grey portrait.

Here's a pic of my first (and currently only) tattoo (not finished yet):

it's an old pic, but it's still the same, lol.


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