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Wow! Going through my old photos is mental!!!
I do love this site, i met a long distance boyfriend on here two years ago & i also flew all the was to Berlin to meet people off here who flew allll the way from Denmark.
Would love to start using this and getting talking to people again, give me a shout!!! Need to update some photos though aha!

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Hey Bam.....awesome to have you back! You have some beautiful hawk pics.....are you still rocking a Hawk?? 

Hey lady welcome back! :D

Hi guys! Glad to see people are still using this site. I'm going to start using it
More again. I don't have my mohawk anymore no :( i had it for 4 years and decided to grow
It out!! But its still bright red i'll have to upload a photo now!!
Hows everything going catch me up!

Awesome to have you back Bam! No Hawk?? Well, load us a few pics and we'll take a look! :-)

Ive just uploaded one, check it out! I look to different aha. Where are you from dude?

It's always nice to see folk come back - stay a while! =)

I have a tendency to forget about this site, then i log in and remember how much I like it and feel like a jerk because I havnt talked to people in  months or years. 

Hey, don't feel bad.....just come on more often and let everyone know how ya are!! :-)


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