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I've worn make-up every day of my life for the most part since I was in 6th grade and I'm getting sick of it. Sick of the need to look a certain way. I'm very good at doing make-up, I've even done professional horror fx, I'd hate to lose my touch but the day in, day out shit is getting old. The application and then washing the crap out of my face before bed when all I want to do is pass out but if I don't my face breaks out. I hate being so insecure about the way I look without it. I have some dark sunken in areas under my eyes and scars from acne. It sucks.

The point being, sorry long rant, is does anyone else feel this way? Sick of society telling you that you're not good enough the way you are? Saying that you're not feminine enough? I just wanna rub my eyes whenever I feel like it!!!!


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I don't wear make-up. I use to for a while but it made my eyes go all red and hurt so I bought expensive eyeliner by urban decay and it still did it. I don't mind how I look without it so I just don't wear any at all. (including foundation or other face cake)
I wear makeup because I like wearing makeup not because I'm worried of how people will think I look. I go in public without makeup all the time, it doesn't bother me. If you don't like wearing makeup then don't! It's really that simple. Who gives a shit what other people think of you? It's your body and your life! Worry about you, not the public.

I'd say you need to start getting comfortable in your own skin, if you have scars you don't like there are medications (creams, lotions,etc) that can help get rid of them. And there's also products to even out your skin color, get rid of bags, etc. You have to work to get your skin the way YOU want it. If your uncomfortable jumping into not wearing makeup then slowly lessen the amount you wear until your fine with not wearing any.
Try scaling back? I have the opposite issue of you... I don't know that much about makeup; I can't even buy foundation on my own lol. I just wear eyeliner and mascara on a day to day basis (and that's only if I'm actually going out).
Having to shave my face and head sucks too.
haha too right. thats why im not shavin for awhile haha fuck society

Thanks everyone who commented so far, I've been cutting back for awhile now (I sound like an addict haha) and it's so retarded I can't feel feminine without it. But CorpseQueen, you are so right, dead on. I really need to learn to like myself, self-loathing has always been a problem...

I mostly wanted to see if anyone else felt the same as I.

I generally wear a lot of eye makeup - I have a taste for the theatrical. It gets really tiring. 

But other than that, I don't wear much on my skin or lips. I suggest just scaling back, I go days where I wear only foundation if I don't feel like wearing makeup. It helps a lot. 

And your femininity definitely does not come from your makeup, you're beautiful with or without it. c:

You shouldn't let any one tell you you arent feminine enough cause who are they to judge you ???  It doesn't matter   you should start being comfortable with just being you and not having to wear it :)  I personally don't ever wear make up, I don't know how to put it on and i don't care to learn i think i look fine with out it. The only thing i will ever on occasion wear is eyeliner but thats it.
Rub those eyes woman, RUB THEM!
>.< it feels so awesome! Hahaha
yeah i feel the same but i aint gonna stop wearing it cos apparently id look too much like a bloke. so when those times i cba, i just put foundation on and mascara :) then at night time i just wipe it off with face wipes.

I wear make-up everyday. I suppose I've adopted it as my regular look, just as the way I dress. I wouldn't exactly express it as needing to look a certain way though. I guess one could argue (in respect of this forum) that putting up a mohawk could also become tiresome over a course of time.

And anyway there are lots of girls that don't wear make-up.


Maybe the only way out is to just have it tattooed to your face :)




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