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I've worn make-up every day of my life for the most part since I was in 6th grade and I'm getting sick of it. Sick of the need to look a certain way. I'm very good at doing make-up, I've even done professional horror fx, I'd hate to lose my touch but the day in, day out shit is getting old. The application and then washing the crap out of my face before bed when all I want to do is pass out but if I don't my face breaks out. I hate being so insecure about the way I look without it. I have some dark sunken in areas under my eyes and scars from acne. It sucks.

The point being, sorry long rant, is does anyone else feel this way? Sick of society telling you that you're not good enough the way you are? Saying that you're not feminine enough? I just wanna rub my eyes whenever I feel like it!!!!


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HAhaha I've considered it, tattooing it on.
I've looked at your pix and I think you would look just as gorgeous and feminine without makeup, but like some others are saying, scale it down gradually. I speak from experience here. I used to wear a TON of makeup all the time and was very self conscious without it. But if you take it down gradually, you will probably get to a point where you like the way you look with little to no makeup (though each step of scaling down you'll hate for the first few days).

I'm not a fan of being feminine when the outer expression is concerned (whereas feminine bodies are pretty much awesome). The make-up I wear is usually just black stuff around the eyes... it doesn't exactly make me more acceptable to society, since I always somehow put on a bit too much and it always looks smeared (needs less than 5 minutes to put on, which is also a win). That's just the way I like to look when seeing myself in the mirror. Maybe it's a "goth thing," I can't really tell, but I'm pretty sure I'd be wearing the same if I was a guy.

If make-up annoys you, but has become part of your identity, I agree with the others that scaling it down gradually could be the right thing for you. I also doubt you look bad without it. Set your own standards, don't adopt other people's standards if they don't fit. :)

I only wear eye makeup on occasion, but I'm more than happy to go out in public without it.  Sometimes my skin breaks out (I'm almost 22 and still deal with acne from time to time), but I don't bust my ass to hide it.  I've learned to be comfortable with my skin, flaws and all.  If anything, it helps me work harder at staying healthy, drinking lots of water, and eating right.  I mean, our skin is our largest organ and generally reflects how we treat our whole body (with some exceptions like hormones, which can fuck things up without any provocation). 



Hormones are a bitch on my skin. I'm 21 and break out every month :/

I've always wondered why girls with acne cake on make up in hopes to hide it.


1. I think it just makes the bumps on your face more visible. 

2. you're just clogging your pores more... try letting your skin breathe. 


as for you, OP... you could try scaling down or just not wearing make up for a day when you're planning to stay inside... try taking your make up off earlier before you go to bed (like if you usually wash your face at 10pm... try washing your face a few hours earlier so you can get comfortable just hanging around with no make up before bed)


or you could just get a trusted friend (who isn't a push over) to hide/lock up your shit and you can just suffer through make-up withdrawl. 


you could even try not wearing make up on the weekends, just spend the whole day without make up and just wait to apply make up right before you go out with friends. 


99% of people don't know how to apply makeup well to begin with let alone how to effectively hide things you want hidden lol

most people do a good job of hiding the color and evening the skin tone on their face but I can still see the bumps on their face when I'm talking to them. 

I guess I've never had that problem. I don't really break out... ever.  

I totally understand what you mean, I hate how some people can't get jobs on account on how grungy their appearance is just because you are outgoing and spontaneous doesn't mean you're not a hard worker. People should look on the inside, then ask about the outside lol.


Well, I think I put make-up on because I like it, not for everybody else than me.  But I don't care to go out without it.  But it sure sucks when I rub my eyes and I'm like: Oh shit! and the make up's all shitty.. I also hate when people tells women they're not feminine enough, what's more feminine than being a girl? 

u dont need makeup if u can still go out n pull with it so try goin on the pull u find som1 u like n then ull fell less insercure some of ur do need need makeup we are the unlucky few but at the same time lucky that makeup exists to help us with our troubles i do agree with ur point hugely but the rest of the world has other ideas usualy id be like fuck the world

but i like to get laid haha!

try no makeup days like no makeup tuesday or sum crap like that :) xxx

i NEVER wear make up i have scars and marks from bad skin and i dont give a fuck if i dont wanna pluck my eye brows or shave em off i wont and if i want to wear a black bag and french frilly knickers with PPPPOW written on the ass then i will. and if people dont like it FUCK THEM/ they can suck my non existent balls. =) do what you like darling. you are beautiful in your own way you dont need make up taking away from natural beauty and being caked, lets face it is just another face really. make up changes the way you look for the benefit of others. and if people dont like your face thats there problem as you have to live with your face not them and if you feel good then that is all that matters as you were created and creation is a strange thing., i beleive if you were meant to be alive and on this earth then you were born if not aborted or misscarried. and well im pretty sure you are alive. if not. holy fuck im talking to the dead.
but yeah you are BEAUTIFUL. fuck the rest. just know that people out there walking the streets might just wanna bang you till kingdom come. based on your looks alone and if you have a killer personality then holy lord child guard that vagina. .


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